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The Baby Food Market - China

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Some questions answered in the China 'Baby Foods Market' report include:

How can local companies compete with foreign peers given consumers' poor safety perceptions of local milk powder?

What are the prospects for goat's milk powder and organic milk powder?

Given the domination of milk in the baby food sector, how can the usage of non-formula packaged baby food be increased?

With rising internet penetration among mothers, how can marketers improve their digital engagement to target this group of net-savvy consumers?

This market comprises packaged dry and liquid products designed specifically for babies/infants. It includes milk and other drinks, biscuits/rusks, cereals, fruit & vegetable foods and other solids. Market value and volume comprises sales through all retail channels including direct to the consumer. The market includes any product specifically for babies, which can also be used for infants and even children up to the age of seven.

AbstractTable of Contents
Definition Report structure

Executive Summary
The market
Figure 1: Baby food sales, by volume and value, 2007-12
The forecast
Figure 2: Forecast – value sales of baby food, 2007-17
Figure 3: Forecast – volume sales of baby food, 2007-17
Figure 4: Baby food market share, by value, 2010-11
Market segmentation
Figure 5: Baby food market segmentation, by volume and value, 2008-12
Issues Lack of trust fuels demand for imports
Figure 6: Trust in baby food made overseas, May 2012
Searching for alternatives amidst quality scares
Figure 7: Percentage share of goat’s milk powder in new milk powder launches*, 2009 to first half 2012
Localisation and convenience to drive consumption of non-formula packaged baby food
Figure 8: Top three reasons for purchasing packaged baby/toddler food, May 2012
Net-savvy mothers offer engagement opportunities
Figure 9: Attitudes towards checking baby food ratings and reviews on the internet and buying brands recommended by friends or family, by age, May 2012

Lack of Trust Fuels Demand for Imports
Issues at a glance Relentless scandals undermine trust
Figure 10: Passing rate of infant formula milk powder, 2004-08
Consumers remain sceptical after melamine crisis
Figure 11: Agreement with the statement I would change my current baby food brand upon hearing negative comments on the brand from the media, May 2012
Foreign brands dominate the market due to safety perceptions
Figure 12: Agreement with the statement I trust baby food made overseas more than locally produced products, May 2012
Figure 13: Baby food market share, by value, 2010-11
Figure 14: Brands of baby food bought in the last 12 months, May 2012
Consumers heading overseas to get their milk powder
Figure 15: Agreement with statement I believe imported baby food products contain more nutritional ingredients, by income, May 2012
Figure 16: Buying baby food through online retailers from overseas, by income, May 2012
Figure 17: Agreement with statement I would be interested in purchasing baby food from websites overseas, by income, May 2012
Domestic manufacturers emphasising foreign origin to improve quality image
Figure 18: Imports of preparations for infant use, put up for retail sale (HS Code: 19011000), by volume and value, 2009 – first half 2012
Figure 19: Percentage share of volume imports of preparations for infant use, put up for retail sale (HS Code: 19011000)*, by country, 2009 – first half 2012
Local firms can thrive through better marketing
Figure 20: Sales of Biostime International Holdings, by segment, 2007-11 and first half 2011-12
Figure 21: Prices of stage 1 infant formula, 27 August 2012
Figure 22: Biostime Mama 100 members and spending, 2007-11
Figure 23: Biostime distribution channels, first half 2010 and 2010-11
Figure 24: Locations of buying baby food, by income, May 2012
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