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Steps to be Considered inSelection of Custom Made Clothes

by surimantra

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Qualities of the custom made dress


Custom made suit are the solution to this mass produced ready made clothing trends. They are one of the most recognizable indicators of professionalism and style. They are hand tailored to their measurements and their designs to fit the individual body of the wearer.

Every man wishes for a suit that sets itself apart from the rest, here are 6 easy steps to get you the finest custom made suits:

• Find a reputable tailor – experienced tailors are found in many stores or in high end shopping districts

• Choose your fabric – when a good tailor is ready for you, the next step is to select a suitable fabric which will make a difference between $ 1,500 to $ 6,000, this is the reason why designers use a grade of 100s or 110s to cut cost and increase mark ups. Suits with grade above 110 are guaranteed to make a respectable looking and durable suit. The high grade equals better quality and an elevated price

• Measure for fitting – the tailor will take all the required measurements to make your suit fit like a glove. An open communication with the tailor at all stages of suit fabrication is very important.

• Determine the style – at this stage the style of the suit will be designed such as the number of buttons and the current fashions.

• Personalize it – the beauty of the suits comes when you can add personal touches to make your suit look genuine and unique. The simple touches will impress your colleagues and really make your suits stand out from the rest.

• Final cutting – at this stage you will have a look over every detail and at this time you should make sure that everything fits your liking.

Custom made evening dresses are the one that the women use it for the evening parties and get together. Here are some tips discussed which will help you make your shopping for custom made evening dresses easy and enjoyable:

• Find out the dress that looks best for you - there are certain things to ensure when selecting the one that suits you well.
? Style and fabrics – you body type and age will have an impact on the style and fabrics that look best for you
? Design lines and embellishment – this can have big impact on drawing attention only to your best features
? Colour – the colour is the factor which matters a lot, the colour of the dress should coordinate with your own colour

• Reliable classics – to have a reliable classic touch two points should be considered
? Understanding classic, timeless style – for this work best for you it is essential to make sure that you can pull off an elegant look, regardless of your body type and age
? Having a safety net - this is important if you have to attend an evening event

• Current trends and you
? For knowing the current trends you should find out the latest trends in style and colour
? Selection of the best for you
? Looking and feeling great is very important in being trendy

• Choosing the perfect ladies evening dress for special event
? Type of event – select the dress according to the purpose of the event
? Dress length
? Quality

• Great fit

• Styling your look

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