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What to Look For in the Portfolio of a Web Designer

by bigwigweb

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When you are out looking for a web designer South Africa for your website, the first thing that you do is to have a look at the other websites that the designer has created. What exactly should you look for in the website? Here are a few things.

  • User friendly designs: The websites designed by the web design South Africa Company should be user friendly. The website should be easy to use and you should be able to find things easily.
    • High use of graphics: Have a look at the amount of graphics that the web designer South Africa uses in his work. Does that suit your needs?
    • Do all the samples look similar? This is a sign that the web design South Africa Company uses templates for the work and changes the colours or switches graphics to suit the needs of different customers.
    • Did you require add-ons? Many websites have features that require the installation of add-ons on the browser. While this is a good feature because it increases the attractiveness of the site, at times it can be really annoying for the customer when he is asked to install a plug-in to view content on the website.
    • Efficiency of the backend code: A good method of measuring the backend code is the loading time of the website. If the website has an efficient backend code, it would load easily even if it has a large number of graphics.
    • Appearance on different browsers and screen size: Websites don’t generally look exactly same when viewed using different browsers or screen sizes, but they should not break either. While viewing on a different screen size or monitor resolution, the appearance of a horizontal scroll bar on the side is a sign that the designer did not take different monitor sizes and resolutions into consideration.

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