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'Fast saves' might lead to ppt presentation corruption

by larendaniel

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Fast saves option in PowerPoint empowers you to save the recent changes in a presentation file in a fastest way. But, not many people are aware that it increases the size of a presentation file by appending changes to the file rather than rewriting the file when you use 'Save As' option. This is the reason why you end up having a large presentation. Large presentation are responsible for slowing down your computer and in some cases the computer may crash while trying to handle a presentation. This behavior leads to corruption in a presentation file. If you do not turn off the 'Allow fast saves' option you are bound to experience the above-discussed problems. In worst scenarios, you might even have to opt for effective powerPoint repair methods to retrieve data from a corrupt presentation.

Consider a situation, wherein, you are working on a presentation which has 'Allow fast saves' option enabled. The next day, when you try and open the presentation, you might come across the following error message:

"PowerPoint cannot open the type of file represented by filename.ppt"

As a result of the error message, the PowerPoint could not open your presentation and all its information becomes inaccessible.

You might get the above error message if 'Allow fast saves' option is enabled. The fast save feature was required in early days of PowerPoint because then the files used to be very large and it used to take several minutes to save a particular file.

You must consider the following PPT recovery steps in order to tackle corruption issues:

Turn off the 'Fast Saves' option
1.Go to Tools menu
2.Click Options
3.Click the Save tab
4.Uncheck the 'Allow fast saves' option
Use Save As command to create an issue-free presentation. This command includes all the changes in a presentation file and rewrites the data.
If a presentation becomes corrupt and you do not know what to do, then simply download a third-party PowerPoint recovery software from the Internet and use it to repair damaged presentations.

These applications are capable of addressing all corruption and data loss issues with PowerPoint presentations.

In order to recover PowerPoint presentation safely, you must rely on a read-only software like Stellar Phoenix PowerPoint Recovery. Capable of restoring all components of a corrupt presentation files, this user-friendly application is compatible with MS PowerPoint 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000. You can also use this PPT repair application to perform 'Raw Recovery' in case of severely damaged presentations.

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