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Bringing Back an Icon of the Pop Culture: 4 Ways to Use Cust

by francescaslone

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Unless you reside in the most remote area in the planet, you should have at one point in your childhood years seen and used a viewmaster before. You may have also recalled the amazement you felt at the images inside—so infused with bright light—floored by the simple innovation's capability to captivate with pictures, simply by pulling the lever down.

Childhood and the viewmaster are but distant memories to you today. But the Viewmaster at least, is picking up, alongside its capacity to delight with its reels of 3D pictures. Whether you are tying the knot or occupied mastering the corporate setting, a custom viewmastercan add that oomph you are looking for.

Wedding events.

Sick of giving out common giveaways like scented candles or figurines for your wedding day? Then try something new. You can put memories onto the picture reels and share these remarkable memories to your guests. These viewmasters serve as fantastic mementos of your wedding.

Business Presentations.

If you are searching for a method to appeal to companies to open a corporate account at your hotel or wish to encourage tourists to go to your resort, customized view-masters is the most effective way to advertise. Showcase the charm of your establishment through your personalized reel. Fill it with gorgeous photos of views and amenities of your resort or hotel. These viewmasters can offer your customers a feel of your place and may even be vital to gaining an account.

Film Promotions.

Because viewmasters have a way of telling stories using pictures, it can also be used for movie promotions. Rather than presenting trailers, you can give out viewmasters to film goers to offer them a peek of some of the movie's highlights. And to produce a bigger buzz, you can set up huge viewmasters in selected movie theaters.


A custom viewmaster can also be a good present, particularly for a loved one. Nothing says, "you mean so much to me" efficiently than receiving a gift that has 3D images of many of the really good memories you spent together. It is a much better idea compared to creating a scrapbook. To know more, go to

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