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Tips in Looking For Women’s Bone Clinic in West Palm Beach

by jhonraymagno

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Our bones do not just serve as the one of major frameworks of a healthy body. As what many experts say, they protect organs and support the muscles as they store calcium for healthier structure and components.


Aside from good lifestyle and genetic structure, healthy bones are obtained with the adequate consumption of Calcium, Vitamin D and other nutrients because they optimize the bone mass to lessen the risk of osteoporosis or alternatively known as brittle bones.


Bone Density is one of the accurate examinations for women ages 50 and above. This helps to identify if their bones are fragile because this can result to fractures and breaks especially in hip, spine and wrist.


In West Palm Beach, there are OB-GYNs and gynecologists who own a clinic not only dedicated to address various women’s reproductive health issues. To give you an idea, there are clinics which also built a Bone Density Center as part of their commitment to serve women’s demanding health care needs.

For those who are still not aware, this article will provide some tips if you are looking for a woman's bone clinic in West Palm Beach.

Professionalism Matters

Out of 25 million Americans with majority of women that are diagnosed with osteoporosis, Professional treatment is very significant nowadays because appropriate treatment is the solution to reduce the chance that she will break a bone.


According to Dr. Steven Silverman, one of the attendinggynecologists in West Palm Beach,patients should be smart enough to look for a qualified practitioner that is certified by the International Society for Clinical Densitometry.


The said organization is dedicated to excellence in the assessment of skeletal health. They only certify gynecologists and OB-GYNs with specialized skills and experience in demonstrating the best practices in the field of bone health.

Get the Proactive One


Advanced equipments and friendly staffs aside from professional doctors made up an excellent bone health clinic for women. After the diagnosis, staff nurses should be proactive in discussing your bone health because they are crucial to your bone development as well as the things that you need to consider to prevent injuries.


According experts, a women’s health clinic that also specializes in bone health should have the right knowledge in explaining the results of your bone density test. In addition, they should also provide you with the most recent recommendations about the nutritional aspects of your skeletal health.

Have complete tools and men friendly as well

Palm Beach OB-GYN and skeletal doctors should have Dexa Bone Density Testing because it is one of the most important tool in evaluating women’s bone health. This examination should be done every two years.

It is also good to know that along with these important tools come discounts covered by health insurance companies like Medicare. Also, women should not have a hard time in looking for a bone health clinic if it also concerns her better half. One of the best clinics in West Palm Beach also conducts bone testing to men at age 70.

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