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Make your kitchen shine by using sponge cloths

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House cleaning is one of the tedious tasks for every woman. These days, no one has time to clean the house regularly. That is the reason; people prefer cleaning the house once in a week. But this weekly cleaning makes your kitchen very streaky. It may take whole day to clean all sticky and dirty surfaces from the kitchen. Normally, cleaning kitchen utensils is a regular chore, but you should have the proper cloth and cleaning solution to make them shine. Sponge cloths are very effective in cleaning the all kitchen surfaces as well as other house cleaning chores. These are made with cellulose and cotton to get high absorption power.

You can use any cleaning agent of your choice with this cloth. It is also used for cleaning gas stove tops, oven, refrigerator doors, utensils, dining table, glass, mirrors, television glass, windows and many other surfaces. These are easy to use and remove all kinds of stains, dust and germs. This cloth removes oily stains from the kitchen utensils and makes them shine. Kitchen is always busy with preparing different kinds of food. You may also spill the food on the gas stove top and it is difficult to remove the stains. In that case, this cloth is useful to take out all dry food stains neatly without causing any scratches on the stove top.

Dining tables are busy during the breakfast time; we always drop some food. Especially if you have kids at home, then it might be a tedious work to clean it immediately. If you leave them like that, the stains may dry and difficult to take out. In that case, you need to follow some simple instructions to clean the table. Pour some cleaning agent on the table directly and wipe the stains with this cloth in a circular motion to remove the entire tinge. Once you take out entire dust particles then dip the cloth in to warm water and wipe the table again for final clean up.

These are easy to wipe the water stains from the glasses, mirrors, taps, refrigerator doors, and many other surfaces. Generally, people face difficulties to clean the sponge cloth, but it is easy to clean it both by machine and by hands. After cleaning the entire house, it might get accumulated with dirt particles. For that, soak the cloth in warm water for up to thirty minutes and remove. Wring it to take out the water and dip in to vinegar solution.

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