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Black Diamond Engagement Rings- Undoubtedly a perfect choice

by liyo89

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Have you ever wondered how to choose from the different diamond engagement rings on offer?

At times too much of a good thing can be a disadvantage. With so much on offer, where do you start? Well let’s start right at the top. You have your basic diamond ring set in gold, platinum or silver. The last option being for the lower scale of the engagement ring market but nice none the less. Then you have your coloured diamond rings which include the ever popular Black diamond engagement rings.

It’s important to note that not only do the size, clarity and colour of a diamond determine the cost of the ring but also the metal it is set it.

Platinum has remained one of the most if not the most expensive metal used commercially in the diamond ring market. This is due to its rarity and its excellent properties being that it is harder and stronger than silver, heavier than gold and is non-allergenic meaning it doesn’t react with your skin. Platinum is used for setting the most expensive rings.

Gold is the other material that is commonly used and has recently begun to compete with platinum in terms of price but this is mainly due to investors who are buying more of it to protect their money. Gold is used to set moderately prices rings.

Silver does come last in the company of the two metals mentioned above but it is also very widely used and to the untrained eye can pass for platinum. It is used as ring setting for the cheaper rings.

Black diamondsare a mini marvel of nature as they have this ability to absorb light and at the same time give off a brilliance that seems to emanate from darkness. They are highly valued as good examples are rare and fetch premium prices.

You can cut black diamonds in to princess cuts which are good for retaining the weight of the stone and thus more profit. This cut will give you princess cut diamond engagement rings.

They are best set in platinum to give the contrast of light vs. darkness or white vs. black.

Depending on the clarity of the black diamonds, they can either be faceted if they are of high quality or polished if they are heavily included. The other engagement rings that are truly beautiful are yellow diamond engagement rings. They are created by Nitrogen being present in a normal diamond. The result is a stone that holds anyone’s attention anywhere it is seen.

Yellow diamonds are best set in platinum as the contrast in colour makes them stand out even more. If the diamond is big enough, it can be set as a 2 carat diamond ring which as a yellow diamond would make quite an amazing ring as they aren’t that common.

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