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The Medical Device Market: Mexico

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Medical imports represent most of the market, being valued at US$3.0 billion in 2011.
Mexico is estimated as the largest medical equipment market in the Latin American region. The market is dominated by imports, principally from the USA. US manufacturers benefit from geographic proximity and preferential terms under NAFTA. Some of these imports, however, are used to produce goods which are eventually sent back to the USA. Mexico is the third largest medical importer in the Americas, behind the USA and Canada; Brazil is not a big importer in comparison, as it relies on local production.

Weak currency and economy currently offset by public investment, less certain future
Population growth, increasing health expenditure, chronic disease incidence and new technology acquisition, particularly diagnostic & orthopaedic medical equipment in the public sector, are factors contributing to growth, offset by the economic slowdown. However, the poor exchange rate of the Mexican peso to the US dollar is predicted to worsen to 15 pesos to the US dollar by 2020, negatively affecting the value of the Mexican medical market.

Health accord fast-tracks medical devices commercialised in US & Canada
On 25th November 2010 a Health Accord came into effect in Mexico which recognises medical devices which have been approved and commercialised in the USA and Canada. Medical devices on health registers and commercialised in these countries will be evaluated and authorised by COFEPRIS within 30 days from the date which importers give information to the Mexican health authority.

Medical exports are very high, valued at US$6.2 billion in 2011
Exports of medical equipment and supplies were valued at US$6.2 billion in 2011. Almost all of Mexico’s exports are shipped across to the USA, 91.8% of the total in 2009. Medical consumables are the major export area, accounting for 40% of the total.

Health expenditure valued at US$61.7 billion in 2008, public share increasing
The Secretary of Health’s Health Accounts 2008 report, released December 2009, stated that health expenditure equalled US$61.7 billion in 2008 of which 47.1% was public. Public sector spending has been expanding as a share of the total over the past few years. Targeted spending on the poorest means that public expenditure on the uninsured rose 20.6% in 2008, compared to spending on the insured (6.8%).

Mexico over reliant on US maquiladora activity
The US has been a favourite for Mexican exports and is still the chief destination for most medical devices, but President Obama has sought closer ties with Asia, in particular China. Some Mexican export sectors have been overtaken by China and maquiladora activity moved there, in spite of Mexico’s geographical proximity and low operation costs. Mexico should develop its economy outside of the maquiladora programme for increased stability.

30,000 medical device registrations renewed or removed in 2010
A Decree published 24th February 2005 amended Article 376 of the General Health law, granted sanitary registrations for medical devices for a five-year period. Requirements to renew medical device registrations were published in 2008. About 30,000 registrations of medical devices were renewed. Medical device registrations more than five years old by 24th February 2010, which did not apply for renewal, have been removed from the Mexican market.

Introduction......... 2
Medical Market Analysis .......... 3
Overview.......... 3
The Market in 2011 ..... 4
Past Performance 2006-10 .... 7
Future Performance 2011-16. 8
The Mexican Market For Consumables ..... 11
The Mexican Market For Diagnostic Imaging Apparatus . 13
The Mexican Market For Dental Products . 15
The Mexican Market For Orthopaedic & Prosthetic Devices ...... 17
The Mexican Market For Patient Aids ........ 19
Other Medical Products 20
Imports 21
Consumables .... 22
Diagnostic Imaging Apparatus 22
Dental Products. 22
Orthopaedic & Prosthetic Products.... 22
Patient Aids ....... 22
Other Medical Products 22
Monthly Import Analysis to October 2011.... 41
Domestic Manufacturing ...... 43
Domestic Manufacturers ......... 43
DEGASA.......... 45
Industrial Polaris ......... 45
Le Roy .. 45
Pisa Farmacéutica...... 45
Multinationals .... 46
Other multinationals manufacturing.. 47
B. Braun 47
Bard...... 47
Baxter ... 48
BD......... 48
BSN Medical.... 48
Cardinal Health 48
DJO ...... 49
Gambro. 49
Hill-Rom 49
Intuitive Surgical ......... 49
Kimberly-Clark . 50
NxStage 50
Orthofix . 50
Smiths Medical 50
Sunrise Medical .......... 51
Scantibodies .... 51
Synthes. 51
Teleflex Medical.......... 51
Welch Allyn...... 51
Trade Associations....... 52
AMID..... 52
CANAME ......... 52
CANIFARMA – Dispositivos Médicos.......... 53
Californian Region Medical Products Cluster ......... 54
Tijuana region is largest medical device manufacturing employer in North America .... 55
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare ... 55
Greatbatch Medical .... 55
Martech Medical ......... 55
NEMA Mexico.. 55
Trade Shows ..... 56
BajaMak 56
Expo Maquila... 56
Congreso Grupo Ángeles Servicios de Salud ........ 56
MD&M... 57
Exports 58

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The Medical Device Market: Mexico

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