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Accident Due to Faulty Brakes

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Often, when a personal injury occurs due to a traffic accident, victims scramble to determine which driver is to blame. However, some accidents are caused not by driver error, but by defective parts, faulty manufacturing, or other third-party sources. Regardless of the origin, though, a lawyer in the Plantation area should always been consulted when you have sustained an injury in any sort of an accident for which you were not at fault. A seasoned and knowledgeable personal injury lawyer can get to the bottom of your accident, help to ascertain who bears accountability, and assist you in your efforts to obtain whatever compensation you may be due.

An example of the ways in which the driver of the vehicle that causes a personal injury may not be the individual responsible for the accident, occurred recently when a semi from the Plantation area caused a crash in another state that took the lives of two construction workers. The truck was carrying oranges from Florida and had faulty brakes. According to law enforcement authorities, the truck was not registered to travel in the state where it was on the road. In addition, out of its 10 brakes, three were not functioning at all and another three were out of adjustment. Upon further investigation, it was determined that the company that owned the truck in question has had more than 175 vehicle safety violations in the past year, including ones involving wheel fasteners, brakes, and tires.

The tragic, out-of-state accident could have just as easily occurred here in the Plantation area since the company that owns the truck and several other trucking companies are based right here in Southern Florida. The fact that trucks and other vehicles are traveling our roadways with such serious safety issues is a cause for concern for all of us. If you should suffer a personal injury because of this kind or any other sort of negligence, a personal injury lawyer in Plantation can help you to get the financial remuneration that you may deserve. To suffer a personal injury is devastating and painful enough, but to know that the injury was caused by a refusal to take the time or expense necessary to ensure others’ safety is an injustice that demands satisfaction. Your personal injury lawyer in Plantation will help you to pursue the satisfaction, justice, and benefits for which you may be eligible.

When the negligence or outright recklessness of another has led to your pain and suffering, a personal injury lawyer in Plantation or the surrounding area may be able to help you in getting the help you need. Contact a personal injury lawyer today to schedule a free initial consultation so that you can begin to build the case you need to get whatever damages you may have coming to you.

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