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Voc-Tech troupe to offer a classic 'Pygmalion'

by ccierstraining

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You'll recognize the delightful story line of "Pygmalion" — a less-frequently performed stage treatment — from its more famous musical adaptation, "My Fair Lady." This show is equally heart-warming, yet it presents an acting challenge for younger performers.

This weekend, the Voc-Tech Theatre Company "raises the bar," according to director Gerald Morrissey, in presenting a "classical piece that is both popular and fun for the cast to rehearse and perform."

"From a more physical side, I wanted a play that we could comfortably mount on our small stage so that the story line could easily flow from scene to scene without any unnaturally long intervals," he says, "and 'Pygmalion' fit the ticket."

"Pygmalion" takes its name from Ovid's "Metamorphoses, X", in which Pygmalion, a sculptor, falls in love with a statue he carved.Buy cheap visio 2010 professional Product Activation Key - on In George Bernard Shaw's script, Professor Henry Higgins develops affection for Eliza, a scruffy Cockney flower girl, whom he trains in speech and manners to pass in English society as a duchess at an ambassador's garden party. She is, in effect, his artistic creation.

Transforming Eliza looms as a daunting task for the dapper professor of phonetics who makes a bet with Colonel Pickering, a colleague and linguist, that he can teach Eliza how to be a genteel English lady with impeccable speech.

"The role of Professor Henry Higgins is a great one," says Joshua Boucher, who plays the part. "Throughout the play as he is teaching Eliza, in a way Eliza is teaching him as well. Eliza brings out the best in him "| and also the worst."

Christopher McIntyre is Colonel Pickering, whom he describes as "a military type, but very much an English gentleman" whose specialty is the study of speech and dialects. "He is a very caring man, gentle and articulate "| and treats Eliza with respect and is supportive of her wanting to better herself. Many times, he acts as the voice of reason."

As rehearsals for this production progressed, co-directors Gerald and Marianne Morrissey and their cast often explored the question, "What makes us what we are?"

"We have had some great spirited discussions on the notion that 'There's so much more to us than what's on the surface'," notes Gerry Morrissey. "Can Professor Henry Higgins really transform Eliza Doolittle into something she really isn't by giving her a veneer of gentility? That very insightful slogan, 'You can't judge a book by its cover,' appears to have so much validity to it."

"Discussions such as these not only help our players in building their characters, but are also tantamount to bringing life and breath to their stage personalities. This kind of 'intellectual stimulation' actually helps to make the arduous and painstaking task of rehearsing interesting and fun," he says.

Jacob Girard plays Alfred P. Doolittle, Eliza's father, "who brings a strong comic element to the play," says the young actor. "Doolittle advances the story line by adding a complication,buy microsoft office 2010 Online in Australia, Compare Prices of 1 Products from the best Stores. Lowest Price is . Save with!" explains Jacob, "by threatening to take Eliza away before Higgins and Pickering can start her training. His real intentions are to get some money out of Professor Higgins."

Brooke Araujo plays Mrs. Eynsford-Hill,China Optical Distribution Frame. Henan Zhang Jixiang feather information mill Siheung eighties in the last century. the model of British high society Higgins has chosen for Eliza to emulate. "She is an older woman who is quite wealthy and proper," says Brooke. "In one of the most important scenes of the play, Eliza is to demonstrate all she has been taught about being a lady "| and they are baffled that a 'real' lady would say such appalling things," says Brooke. Unfortunately, Eliza is still very much a work in progress at this juncture.

Sydnee Carney plays Higgins' housekeeper, Mrs. Pearce. "My character is 'the mother figure' of the house,microsoft office 2007 professional plus includes essential Office software like MS Word 2007. Full version, academic price, lifetime use. Buy Now!" says Sydnee, "who constantly reminds Higgins that Eliza is a person, not just an experiment."

The cast also includes Corey Teves (Freddy Hill); Victoria A. Duverge (Bystander #1, Lady Boxington); Kayla Torres (Bystander #2, Lady Gaines); Caitlyn Botelho (Hoxton Girl, Lady Reginald); Waldemar Chacon (Selsey Man, Lord Boxington); Kylee Acevado (Lady Dilworth); Meghan Long (Lady Shelton); Cassidee Henderson (Lady Holloway); Stephanie Beaudoin (Lady Smith); Elisabeth Ripley (Lady Evans); Elijah Richards (Butler, Footman); Brittany Iacoponi (Servant, Lady Williams); Jessica Cardoso (Lady Tarrington); Alana Noelle Bergeron

(Lady Evelyn); Mario Gabriel Rivas (Zoltan Karpathy); Lindsay Joy Mota (Mrs. Higgins) and Raegen Docca (Lady Clarke, Mrs. Higgins' Maid).

Eliza (Celeste Mello) was not available for comment.

Don't miss this family show, suitable for all ages.he GE In-line Coupler easily adds a telephone at a different location without installing a new jack. Great for connecting 2 line cords to create a longer cord Eliza's transformation — and the skillful action on stage — will surely impress.

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