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Types of Advanced IP Telephone Systems

by steveaustien

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If you have a business, then communication to and from your company is very important. Actually, the communication between the company and the clients is not the only important point you need to consider but, the communication among the workers as well.

Many say that it is the communication which can strengthen the ability of a company to withstand any crisis that may hit them. Because of the seen importance on communication, as a business owner, you needed to step up and choose among the telephone systems available in the market today.

What are telephone systems? The generation of today is really far from the old days wherein typical telephones are used as the main bridge of communication. But because of the seen emergence on the telecommunications technology, the experts successfully came up with several telephone systems which the business owners can choose from. Each of the telephone systems has their own advantages and disadvantages but, that will be always normal.

Let’s start it off with the IP telephone system. Actually, many business experts say that this is the most advisable telephone system that a large corporation should have. What is with the IP telephone system? This obviously uses internet protocol or IP when communicating. However, this uses private network making it not vulnerable to hacking. It has its own program which connects branches of a company into one contact number. It will now be easier for the employees to communicate as if they are only in a single place and it lessens the money they needed to spend for long distance communication.  For the case of clients, the IP telephone system can easily store the data from the clients and the call receiver can easily transfer the call to a different branch if in case the client needed further information.

If you have a small business, then the VoIP telephone system is enough. This is also a secured communicating system but it uses the server of other online based communication programs such as Skype, Yahoo Messenger, MSN, and many more. Since this is a VoIP telephone system, the call receiver can answer the voice call using the internet. For each VoIP telephone system, the company is able to connect a headset with microphone into it for effective answering of calls. It also has keypads which can type texts and numbers as well. Compared to the IP system, VoIP is less secure but, the maintenance is extremely affordable and handy. This is a perfect communication system for start up businesses.

Keep in mind that before settling with any telephone system, you should be aware on the true needs of your company. This will lessen the waste of funds for useless communication systems.


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