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MRI Coil Repair – A Cost Effective Investment

by directmedparts

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MRI scan is one of the most common practices in the medical field today. It is not only the most prominent advancement in the field of diagnostic imaging but also the most effective scanning techniques, medical science is blessed with.MRI equipments effectually diagnose the internal injuries and disease of a patient, and ensure that their treatment is done in an appropriate manner. Today, MRI equipment is a necessary inclusion in almost every small and large medical institution. Thus, it is essential to maintain the quality of these equipments, as a minute glitch may disrupt the entire scanning procedure and may demand double scan.

Often, the medical institutions look for replacing the defective parts rather than purchasing new equipment. For such institutions, Direct MedParts brings a plethora of services, which perfectly match the requirement of the medical institution. Following are some of the services offered by the company:


  • MRI Coil Repairs:

MRI coils is the most critical part of MRI equipment, which can create problems in processing a scan if damaged. Direct MedParts provides excellent MRI Coil Repairs to its clients and ensures that the refurbished coils are installed carefully without any negligence. The company repairs MRI coils from almost all the prominent manufacturers. Services offered by the company include, cosmetic and electronic repairs to ensure that all the problems are meticulously checked prior to the shipping.


  • Replacement MRI and coil part:

The company understands the importance of MRI equipments for your medical institution, and therefore offers efficient replacement part services. The flock of highly experienced professionals carries out thorough checks to diagnose the problem and resolves them so that they are shipped in completely faultless condition. The company offers guaranteed services to ensure that the clients attain utmost satisfaction and that too, at affordable prices.


  • Quality replacement of CT tubes and parts:

Apart from offering effective solutions for MRI equipments, Direct MedParts also deals in quality replacement CT tubes and parts for medical institution. It offers substitute parts for almost all prominent brands and critical tubes such as MX200 CT Tube. In order to offer complete satisfaction to its clients, the company carries out a meticulous quality check procedure and ensures that the replaced part is ready to use. The company also offers installation services to its clients, to ensure that the purchased parts are fitted perfectly without any glitches.

The company offers ample other services related to refurbishment and replacement of MRI and CT equipments, which are not only effective but also the most reasonable one.    

With about 30 years of experience in this field, the company has managed to place itself amongst the most eminent companies offering refurbishment and replacement part services. Providing quality services is the sole aim of the company and this motto is inculcated within the staff. In the past few years, Direct MedParts has brought tremendous advancement in the refurbishment processes and commits to come up with elite methods to ensure complete satisfaction to its clients.


Mr. Johan Burger is an expert in MRI and CT Equipment parts Advisor. He has years of experience servicing the medical imaging equipment, parts and service market. He works with DirectMed Parts.  He writes about various MRI Coil Repairs and MX200 CT Tube.

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