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Self Hypnosis Techniques are very Easy to Learn

by pensmith

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For anyone who is interested in learning self hypnosis techniques, this is really important to know that it can take time and a little patience. For those people who are familiar with meditation, it can be quick to learn self hypnosis as because meditation is a lot like self hypnosis. This goal of hypnosis is to get the mind to an altered state, one which is void of any thought or external noises. When the mind is in this state, it become more accepting of suggestions it is given. This is how self hypnosis works.

To start, it is important to first decide what exactly it is that you want to achieve. Is it weight loss, more confidence, or to quit smoking? There are numerous ways in which self hypnosis techniques can help a variety of issues. After deciding what it is you want, it is important to write down one or two statements which pertain to what you are trying to accomplish. These statements should always be positive in nature, and never negative.

The second thing to do for self hypnosis techniques is to locate a quiet spot that has comfortable seating or cushions for you to sit on. When first learning self hypnosis, it is important to keep away from any distractions. There will always be background noise, but keeping it to a minimum is important. It is also important to be comfortable when learning self hypnosis techniques, but not so comfortable that you might fall asleep.

After securing a private, comfortable spot, begin with some deep breathing exercises. Breathe deep in through your nose and slowly out through your mouth. Do this for several minutes until you feel your body begin to relax. Slowly allow your mind to rid itself of any internal voices or distractions. This will take practice, but with time it becomes easier. Now there are different NLP practitioner certification courses for you to make your self-development higher.

After allowing your mind to be free from any thought, this is the time to start slowly but firmly repeating your statements to yourself. Do this 7-10 times per session. After finishing this, take a few more minutes to relax and enjoy the peace of your mind. Slowly begin to bring your mind back to the world surrounding you. Be careful on getting up as some people may experience dizziness. Drinking a glass of water is good after every session.

People have wrong notion about hypnosis, maybe as because of what they have seen in movies. You don’t have to be in a spell or trace to be in hypnosis. In fact many of our daily activities are performed under hypnosis without us being conscious about it. Driving a car for instance is one of it. This is an activity that you shut your mind out other stimuli or destructions to concentrate on driving. Your concentration and focus will help you to automatically respond to anything that will happen while driving.

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