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Food Treasures Worth Savoring at a Thai Restaurant in NYC

by joeymcbride

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What do you picture when you're prompted to imagine Thai food? It's simply difficult to dismiss that tongue-numbing, intricate mixture of sweet, salty, sour, and spicy flavors. In spite of its awesome hodgepodge of flavors, there lies an art to Thai cooking, and it absolutely calls for a second (or third, or fourth or ...) taste.

As much as you'd desire to taste authentic Thai cooking, you won't have a lot of opportunities to reserve time for your gastronomic expedition to Thailand. You can't go for what can be easily described as "Thai" cooking; just because it seems fantastic and spicy doesn't mean it's the real deal. For the authentic stuff, you might need to head over to America's own food capital to enjoy an authentic Thai restaurant in NYC.

The moment you find yourself in a highly regarded and deliciously attracting Thai restaurant in NYC, how do you tell whether the food is certainly bona fide? One dead giveaway of real Thai food is the heavy use of a condiment called nam pla in tasty meals; it's a fermented fish sauce that's responsible for that fishy, salty flavor in all Thai savory recipes. Take note that not all Thai recipes are spicy, but they all incorporate nam pla one way or another.

Soon after you've spotted the nam pla, you'll want to savor the best Thailand can offer. Staples like khao phat fried rice, satay grilled meats, phat thai stir-fried noodles, and the ever-ubiquitous tom yam zesty coconut soup are to die for. Their array of curries is also highly recommended, with the kaeng kari (yellow curry) and kaeng khiao wan (green curry) regarded as frequent favorites.

The major Thai dishes are savory and easily recognizable on the tongue. Having said that, only the bold palate is going to discover lesser-known treasures like khao man kai, the Thai edition of Hainanese chicken rice or the local favorite: Massaman curry. To educate yourself in Thai taste, don't be afraid to try out the wildest-sounding meal on the menu; in any case, do ask your waiter if it's too spicy and what's in it.

What should you visualize when asked to contemplate Thai food? Don't imagine the throat-scorching stereotype of Southeast Asian food; rather, picture haute New York City dining and the gentle rolling taste of "drunken" phat ki mao with nam pla on the side, of course. Discover more recommended Thai dishes on

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