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Edinburgh Airport Parking Options Available

by sethbeak

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Travelling the world over is a great thing. Be it you are on business or simply leisure travels, covering the globe lets you experience and see new things. However, there is one issue that may be the cause of worry for you as you plan to fly out. Where to park your vehicle may be something that may give you stress; however, if you are plying your travels via Edinburgh airport, then you are in luck. Edinburgh airport is one of the best airports in England. As such, the airport has some of the best parking options you will find anywhere.


Edinburgh airport parking is designed to cater for all its travelling passengers that drive themselves to the airport. They understand that parking is an important thing as you are not going to leave your car lying around somewhere untrustworthy. Thus, the airport has ensured that they have invested in some of the best parking options you can get. There are several car parking areas within the airport and which provide parking solutions to hundreds of short stay and long stay customers. It is upon you to choose the options, which will suite your stay out of the country.


There are several Edinburgh airport parking options available. These are what you need to consider as you look for a way leave your car in reliable and trustworthy hands.


Short stay parking areas

The short stay parking lots are situated in three different storied buildings that are used as parking lots. The short stay 1, 2 and 3 are appropriately located right across Edinburgh airports front terminal gates. What this offers is easy access to the airport within a very short time of about 1 minute. This parking area is suited for those that are out of the country for a matter of days.


Drop and go zone

The drop and go zone is an area right in front of the terminal gates. This area, is designated for the dropping off of passengers that are about to fly out. Vehicles are only limited to a 10 minutes parking within the area and parking is normally charged at 1pound for the ten minutes.


Long stay parking areas

Another Edinburgh airport parking option is the long stay parking. These parking areas are made for the long stay passengers that may be out for a few weeks or months before jetting back in. as the vehicles are to stay for longer in parking, the parking space for the L1 and L2 parking areas is larger and further placed.


For all Edinburgh airport parking options provided, security is provided with 24 hours CCTV coverage and occasional security patrols. Edinburgh parking options are much cheaper and more reliable as you park right inside the airport itself.


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