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Urinary Incontinence Items - Bladder Manage Supplies

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Urinary incontinence is a state that is generally found in ladies and even though gents too face this condition, women are known to be more prone to this condition. When it comes to adults, this condition is common among women, but when it comes to children, male children are affected by this condition according to a survey.
When talking about urinary incontinence in men, it has been found that prostate is the root cause for this condition. Prostate in men is a reproductive organ, which is located just behind the bladder and so when this organ is infected, it will cause some pressure on the bladder thereby causing leakage of urine.

When it comes to this condition in women, it has been found that childbirth and pregnancy can cause it temporarily as the uterus is located directly above the bladder. In addition to pregnancy, menopause can also cause incontinence since the pelvic muscles become weak at this age. There are urinary incontinence products for enabling men and women to manage this condition. Some of the information regarding these products is discussed in the content given below:

External catheter: It is nothing, but a thin tube used for manually draining the bladder and it is connected to an external pouch for collecting and holding the urine. This product will be ideal for men, who are facing this condition after prostate surgery.
Urethral inserts: These are tampon like equipments meant for women and they can place it on their urethra for prevention of urine leakage.

Absorbent pads: Absorbent pads are one among the different urinary incontinence products that are meant for women. Adult diapers are also available and these are also just like absorbent pads that collect the leaking urine in such a way that embarrassment can be avoided.
Pessaries: These are meant for women and they are made out of silicone or latex and are placed inside the vagina for offering support to the bladder. But, when it comes to using this product, it should not be done by women by themselves as it might cause some damage to the vagina and it should be done only with the help of a professional health care provider.

These products are meant for offering protection from embarrassment of leakage of urine. However, men and women facing this condition should opt for permanent solutions like taking medicines for it. If medicines do not work out, the medical care provider will be suggesting for bladder lift surgery.

When, bladder lift surgery is considered to be the only option, it is better to ensure that it is done by a well-trained medical care provider.

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