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Note before Ball Mill Grinding and Ingredients

by dreamwangping19

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  As a Seiko production, compact structure, stable quality, to meet the needs of different scale manufacturers, welcomed by the majority of users with the commendation and the ball mill processing manufacturer, we are committed to provide high-quality products such as ball mill. The following I will describe precautions before the ball mill grinding ingredients:
Before the ingredients, in the workshop laboratory, staff conduct the necessary checks for the ready material. The hardness of the water loaded into the ball mill, the PH value of the mineral-containing species affect the material properties greatly. When the seasons change, the water quality is often checked, such as pH value, water soluble ion content.
Determination of material moisture content in the control of single-ingredient necessary corrections.
Ball stone, dry material and water at a weight ratio are loaded in a ball mill, and schedule add additional ball stone. Diameter of additional ball stone should be greater than 40mm, less than 25mm stone ball should be removed from the ball mill, it can not be put into production, nor it cannot mix with several different physical properties and chemical composition to use.
When installing ball mill, you should loaded stone first, followed filled with water, and finally fill in the raw materials.
Check the the fineness of glaze slurry and the determination of specific gravity of the slurry reaching the ball mill;
After repairing ball mill liner, before the feeding and operation, you must loaded into the quartz sand, and clean the roller mill, and remove the cement impurities.
Welcome new and old friends to buy our ball mill, ball mill produced by our company sells the market, which is recognized by consumers and favor, and we look forward to the visit of friends. We sincerely hope to cooperate with you.

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