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Protecting Your Home: Fast Fix Tips for Pinhole Leaks

by angelaburnett

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A lot of people say that the tiniest leak can sink the largest ship. Change "big ship" with "home" and you now have a recipe for an expensive plumbing disaster. Keep those leakages in check so you could keep that money for better pursuits.

Copper has been used as a lining for water pipelines for over fifty years now. Under optimum conditions, copper-lined water pipes resist corrosion very well and have a lifespan of up to 25 years. Nevertheless, pinhole leakages may develop in a copper pipeline that is not yet past its prime. Plumbers in Utah suggest that you do a quick fix once you find one.

When you notice a pinhole leakleakage in one of your water pipes, turn off the primary water system immediately. Get a bucket and place it under the leaking pipeline to prevent water damage to the floor or wall. Find the pinhole and push the tip of a sharp pencil through it, then break off the tip to act as a stopper in the hole. Wipe the pipe dry with a piece of cloth.

With the leaky area now dry, wrap 2 layers of electrical tape around it as securely as possible. Cover at least 3 inches to each side of the pinhole. Cut a piece of garden hose 5 to six inches long lengthwise and wrap this around the damaged area of the pipe. The solid part of the hose should press firmly against the leakage. Use hose clamps, or plastic cable ties to keep the hose still. Several small wood blocks and a C clamp are appropriate replacements in case you do not have hose clamps. Ask for a plumbing professional as soon as possible and have the damaged pipe section replaced.

Acidic water is thought to be one cause of pinhole leaks, as it corrodes into the copper lining of water pipes. Another cause is the incorrect pipe deburring, causing water inside a pipe to swirl like a cyclone, thereby stripping the protective copper layer over time and forming a hole through the pipeline. High water pressure eats holes through water pipes over time too. Whichever holds true, dependable Utah plumbers can help you with your watery problem.

Luckily for residents, pinhole leakages do not take place on a regular basis. When they do, however, they need to be dealt with instantly to prevent worse issues. For even more residence plumbing secrets, see

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