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House Makeover Options: Window Shutters in Los Angeles Homes

by katienicoll

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Whether on a new or old window, shutters provide a bit of class and design to every Los Angeles home. Either fixed or operable, many of window shutters for Los Angeles residences are made of different materials such as wood, vinyl, or aluminum. Shutters also come in different designs that fit varying home styles. When seeking window shutters that would most successfully match your home, it is very important to take note of these usual shutter designs.

Louvered Shutters

Made of horizontal slats, louvered window shutters are slanted at an angle to let air in. Typical designs for louvered shutters consist of having 2 panels split by a large strip of material between. Other designs, nonetheless, are built from one large panel reaching from top to bottom of the window.

Raised Panel Shutters

Raised panel shutters don't use individual panels or multiple vertical panels in their design. Instead, these shutters look just like kitchen cupboard doors. Raised panel window shutters are composed of 1 to 3 big panels parted by a divider rail. Several customized styles for raised panel shutters include having custom rails that have a smaller panel on top and a bigger one at the bottom.

Bahama Shutters

Top-notch choice for homeowners who want to hinder direct sunlight without compromising their view, Bahama shutters have are similar in design as with louvered shutters. They are made of horizontal slats, but unlike the louvered style, have a narrower frame. Additionally, rather than having a horizontal division, Bahama shutters are split vertically by a narrow panel.

Accordion Shutters

As the name indicates, these shutters fold like an accordion when not in use. Accordion shutters, not like conventional shutter designs that are partitioned down the center, stretch from one side to the other, making it nearly invisible once folded up. As a result of this special function, accordion shutters are mostly utilized on windows of Los Angeles houses as storm protection.

Board and Batten Shutters

Board and batten shutters are made of multiple large wood slats prepared vertically. The slats are secured to 2 thick strips of material (one near the bottom and one near the top) and are arranged either spaced in between or close together. A number of designs of board and batten shutters add an additional strip diagonally to form a Z shape frame. To get more suggestions, on replacement windows in Los Angeles, browse through

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