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All about captcha and its alternative efence

by mario26

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Have you heard about CAPTCHA, its role and its significance? If no, then here you will find all that you may want to know about CAPTCHA.

CAPTCHA is an acronym for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. It is a code designed to identify whether a particular user is a real human or a machine or bot or malicious code to steal content. Captcha is created to prevent automated spam robots from sending out spam, filling out forms, and perform other unwanted web activities. It adds a security feature on websites to prevent it from being exposed and used by automated spam robots or programs. Nowadays, Captcha is widely known in many internet areas such as filling surveys, e-commerce transactions, online registration, newsletter subscription, placing orders, etc.

There are many applications of CAPTCHA that protect websites from various automated bots. Some of its major applications include preventing bogus comment spam on blogs, hiding your email address from web scrapers, preventing dictionary attacks from bots, preventing automated software from placing thousands of fake orders for a product or service, on business contact forms, to name a few.

Presently, the most common type of CAPTCHA is the distorted text or mixed characters that are displayed in the form of an image. The captcha form or test image displayed at the webpage is assorted with alphabets and numbers in distorted form which is easily read by authentic human users but is hard to decipher for automated bots spammer. The CAPTCHA can be implemented with many platforms like captcha html, captcha php, and so on. But, if you want more convenient human authentication process to get easy but protected access to any website, then you can use efence, one of the best captcha alternatives.

Efence is a massive package that carries out several features of CAPTCHA, including imaged based captcha, simple captcha, and comment spam detector CAPTCHA. This is a one-stop-shop for all the CAPTCHA features. Further, efence can be integrated on almost all types of platforms such as php, Java, joomla, wordpress, magento, drupal, phpbb, mybb, and many others.

In fact, this technology “efence”, is built with an aim of reducing human frustration to authenticate users from malicious bots and to solve real world problem of online spam. So, it reduces the malicious bot/spam attacks, and makes it attractive and easier for real humans to access the websites securely.

If you want to know more about efence then you can search it online where some websites provide complete details regarding efence.

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