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Crusher Makes Leap Development

by anonymous

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     In the General State, infinite-speed driving is just a dream, and Germany makes your dreams come true. People from all over the world only want to experience rapid ride on the best highways in the world. The annual operating maintenance costs of the best Germany project are as much as 46 Euros per kilometer, which is twice than that of United States transcontinental Highway.
  In 2008, the total length of expressways around Germany has reached 12,550 kilometers, this only inferior to United States (75,376 km) and China (75,376 km), and ranks the third in the world, there is no general speed limit, traffic accidents are few, this was made Germans proud, he reflects the integrity and efficiency of German.
  Germany Highway can ensure the vehicle safety and fast running, the most important reason is the result of a gentle slope. As regards the quality, the expressway constructed early is cement floors, and rich pavement, average thickness is 70 cm, it is twice than that of the United States, even take Boeing 747 landing, it will not fall 1 cm. Why Germany quality of Expressway and the indicators of Germany express way can reach the world-class level and have long service life, which has to allow us to make deep thought.
     From the highway construction in our country, the raw material that aggregate production needs is provided by crushers and screening equipment, from the perspective of crusher development and research, various aspects of the specification had to be dramatically improved and increased, Crusher manufacturer is less than the number of levels but overall it has no competitiveness, the level is almost similar.
Recently we have to construct the world first-class high speed railway, which has more stringent technical requirements for crushing machine. According to 2010 economy growth, economic indicators of mechanical industry the whole year is expected to achieve steady growth, sales growth is expected to reach around 15%. Believe that our mining machinery engineering industry is expected to surpass the world class in technology world, and becomes a backbone that leads high-tech railway. Hongxing prodeces a series of rock crusher, please consult us.

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