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Electric Cigarettes Components

by elynieva

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Electric Cigarettes have by far gotten the most exciting and interesting news and has gained much attention of the entire world.  Traditional tobacco cigarettes have faced much negative streak; the very reason why people are deadly seeking a safe and sound alternative. In the light of much opposition and regulations by FDA this product is widely regarded as the safe alternative to traditional cigarette.


Electric Cigarettes have been introduced by the Chinese and got immediate entrance and fame in the global market. The embrace had been marvelous. The initial idea was to use piezoelectric ultrasound-emitting element that works to vaporize a container containing liquid of propylene glycol and nicotine. This structure produces a vapor that looks exactly like smoke. This can be inhaled into a blood stream and provide a channel to deliver this liquid mix into the bloodstream. This invention had been the ultimate basis for making the electronic cigarette. Chinese domestic market got to know about it back in 2004 as aid to quit smoking. Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik, who came up with this whole idea worked for a company called Ruyan; that ultimately started exporting the products in 2005-2006.


Electric Cigarettesare made up of 3 main components, a cartridge, an atomizer and a battery. Cartridge is a small container made of plastic, serving as a mouthpiece and a liquid reservoir. Without leaking any liquid into the mouth, this plays the role of a channel that serves to retain the liquid and provides way for the vapors towards the mouthpiece. This can easily be refilled. Atomizer is that component which contains a small coil that upon heating vaporizes the liquid. It has a simple small filament and a metal mesh to draw the liquid. This is placed in the centre of the three components that make up the electric cigarettes. Largest component is the battery which is easily rechargeable; however disposable as the name implies do not require recharging at all. Some models are there with a power switch, chargeable through an AC outlet or USB. A portable charging case is also available that helps to charge several small batteries in the case. The available liquid is a mix of nicotine, vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol and several flavoring agents.

Those in favor of electronic cigarettes come up with the stance that this product is quite convenient and simple to use. It also quite handy since it allows one to easily move around since no tar, no smell is left behind however, those opposing the use talk more on the health risks associated with it.

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