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Orthopedic Treatment For Back Pain

by shanewatson

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Back pain is one of the most common reasons for visits to the OPD, with millions falling prey to the condition each year. Even though most cases of back pain resolve on their own over a period of a few weeks, in some cases the condition might be chronic, and require medical intervention. The first step to the orthopedic treatment of back pain is understanding the cause of the disease. There are a wide number of causes that could underlie the condition. These include- ruptured disc, osteoporosis, lumbar spine arthritis, spinal stenosis, muscle strain, etc.

The reason why most patients with back pain end up being frustrated is that there is no magical cure for the condition. While for some patients the cure might be something as simple as taking the strain off the back, in other cases the pain might persist for years, and might even require surgical treatment. When a patient discovers the first symptoms of the condition, he should try to initiate basic treatments, which could include heat, ice, OTC medications, and rest. Physical therapy like stretching, weight lifting, etc. can also be useful to restore normal motion and build strength. If the pain still persists, the patient must consult his physician, who shall then examine the individual case and devise a treatment plan as per it.

Aspirin, acetaminophen, and NSAIDs are administered as the first line of treatment for back pain, since these are effective, and have minimum side effects. In case of chronic back pain, patients might benefit from narcotics like codeine/ morphine, and steroids which are usually administered directly into the spine. Orthopedic braces for back pain, which usually come in a corset-type design help by providing additional support to the back muscles. Some patients also report alleviation of symptoms with the help of physical therapies like spinal manipulation and traction.

If these non-surgical modes of treatment fail to work over the period of around a year, your orthopedic doctor might suggest surgery as a treatment option for back pain. The two major surgeries undertaken for back pain are- spinal fusion and disc replacement. In the first procedure, the affected vertebrae are fused together to form a single bone, while in the second one, the entire disc is removed and replaced with an artificial component. Surgery is only suitable for some patients, and is usually resorted to when it is possible to pinpoint the exact cause of the back pain.

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