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How to find Free Kids Stuff

by davidseaman

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Are you a bargain hunter? Do you love freebies? If so, then you probably get a real rush out of finding free stuff especially free kids stuff. You can stretch your family's budget for almost anything by looking for these giveaways for your children.

Start with educational free kids stuff. There are countless sources of free educational materials online, especially printable items. For example, school flash cards, worksheets, math problems, free handwriting pages, coloring pages, dot-to-dot numbering pages for kids and more.

Next look for clothing related free kids stuff by joining websites that recycle free items. Users who have kids clothing that their children have outgrown will post notices of it. This is usually a local service since you will be have to be within driving distance. Do not expect people who are giving away free kids stuff to pay the postage to mail it to you. The recycle mailing lists often have many other wonderful free kids stuff as well. If you subscribe to the lists and check the messages frequently, you'll find amazing things for free like swing sets, bicycles, toys, strollers and more. Continue your search for free kids stuff with other local classified ads such as Craigslist.

For more free kids stuff locally, join your local library's summer reading program. You can usually sign upon their local website. Many people are amazed at the fun cool free kids stuff your children can earn by reading books from the library that are free to check out, and by attending fun (and free) activities that the library offers throughout the summer.

Watch your local newspaper for activities that are available to the public, which are geared directly toward free kids stuff. For example, a local Girl Scout Council had a big event last year that was just for families in the community and was totally free. It gave the girls opportunities to earn leadership awards and skills while at the same time giving away free kids stuff including free admission to games and rides.

You can find a lot of free kids stuff by requesting them through the mail, especially government agencies like the EPA or the FDA. They are often required to distribute free kids stuff and other materials as part of their educational directives. This can include things like posters, stickers, educational materials, coloring books, removable tattoos, erasers, and other small items that kids like. For mail-in freebies, you usually need to send the information to an address listed. Often you will be expected to send a pre-stamped envelope with your written request. Be sure to follow all of the instructions given and use a ballpoint pen.

Finally, you can get free kids stuff online such as samples of products that are especially directed for new parents.


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