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How to Market a Product by Making Best Use of the 5 P's

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With every blink of technological advancement, in this age of instant information, competition in business grows harder. Thus, fresh new channels for survival are made use of by business owners. The World Wide Web is the new frontier, and enterprises are flocking in and targeting new tactics to flourish in the middle of the competition.
There are 5 P's in marketing that generally function as an overview for each entrepreneur who wishes to know how to market a product effectively: product, price, place, promotion, and people.

Product and Price

Every business should offer a product or a service distinct enough to satisfy a particular need in the market. Whatever that need is, a customer needs to think he has taken advantage of getting or using it. Pricing plays to the market supply and demand, as much as to the balance of elements like business expenses and value, but eventually, the price must be determined within a range that is similar to with the consumer public's desire to pay the identified price. The method of price ending—adding.99 cents to the price (e.g. $ 16.99)—is a psychological strategy of sale that makes the price of a product appear more affordable than it is.

Place is the venue where your product is offered and sold. There are marketing guidelines inherent in the World Wide Web as there are requirements only suitable in wholesale or retailing in real time and place. The internet market has been growing phenomenally; in 2010 there were an estimated 300 million users who read blog sites, two billion video viewings on YouTube, and one billion Google searches. With the whole world looking for practically anything in the Internet, the Web emerges as the clear-cut showcase for your company and your products or services.

The Web can offer businesses a lot of methods on how to market a product successfully. One method is via SEO or search engine optimization, which takes advantage of keywords that searchers use to locate information. By efficiently optimizing these keywords, search engines like Google through its crawlers that see sites, pick up these words and rank applicable sites appropriately in their index. The higher the page ranking of a company site, the greater is its traffic and prospective clients.

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