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Need a New Minivan? Consider Getting a Used Dodge Caravan

by carsonwininger

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You need a car; a dependable and family-friendly one. You’d want one that’s spacious, and can accommodate many passengers and a lot of your stuff when you’re traveling. And most of all, you’d want a vehicle that’s affordable, roadworthy, and will remain in optimal condition for many years to come—but what sort of vehicle can meet all these expectations?

If you want a vehicle that can accommodate the entire family, then you should consider Dodge’s tried-and-tested Caravan series. These minivans are spacious enough to accommodate many passengers, and boasts unmatched storage space that will make road trips both enjoyable and comfortable. On the other hand, a brand new Dodge Caravan can cost up to C$20,000 or more depending on its specifications. Alternatively, you could settle for a more affordable used Caravan in great condition.

Indeed, pre-owned Caravans can go for as low as C$10,000—nearly half the cost of brand new ones. But before you hesitate in buying a second-hand car due to its possible shoddy condition, you should know that many pre-owned cars are in great working condition, as they have been refurbished and rehabilitated by the dealership. This way, you’re assured of unmatched quality and safety.

The latest Caravans (beginning with the Generation V models of 2008) have neat little features that older models don’t have. The latest Dodge Caravans boast an astonishing 81 different seating configurations, and luxurious interior and exterior finishes. The innovative Stow ‘n Go minivan feature allows the second and third row seats to be folded when not in use. This creates a huge storage space of up to 160.7 cubic feet.

It should also be noted that many Dodge Caravans sell for less than other minivans in the same category. Additionally, safety features like Uconnect® enable drivers to make and receive calls hands-free. This superior communication system is voice activated; Bluetooth integrated, and can be paired with up to seven Bluetooth compatible phones.

The latest Dodge Caravans also contain a first class entertainment system that will keep the children amused on long car trips. These include DVD players, gaming systems, and power outlets for other gadgets, such as mobile phones and mp3 players. For more information, see:

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