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Ways Roofing Contractors in Tampa FL Clean Asphalt Shingles

by linokosters

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If you're like a lot of home owners in your area, you have asphalt shingles installed by roofing contractors in Tampa FL . Asphalt shingles are enticing because of their price, resilience, and appearance, among many other things. One way to make this appeal last for a very long time is to clean your roof correctly, as follows.
General Cleaning

For starters, ensure that the weather's favorable enough for you to clean your roof. If the sun is too high up in the sky, all those cleaners you pour onto your roof will prematurely dry up. Meanwhile, rainy weather can make it hazardous to step on your roof. Speaking of safety, ensure that essential preventative measures are taken, such as putting on slip resistant shoes, making use of safety belts, and securing your extension ladder in a safe spot near your roof—away from electrical wires or trees.

Get a loose corn broom, small dustpan, and small bucket with you up the roof. Use the broom to get rid of leaves, bird droppings, and various other roof clutter. Collect all of these in the dustpan, and pour them into your bucket. Get down your roof to discard the bucket's contents once the bucket becomes too full; this is for your safety.

Molds and Mildew

Use asphalt-roofing cleaners, or oxygenated bleach powder mixed with water. Eliminate any objects near your roof that may be ruined by the cleaners, or utilize big tarps to cover and shield them. Fill up a pump sprayer with your cleaner, and spray all over the moldy spots. Let your cleaner stay for 10 to 30 minutes (based on manufacturer specifications) before you remove it with a hose.

Algae and Moss

Wet the affected areas with a hose. Use a pump sprayer to apply moss and algae killer combined with water over your roof. Let your roof dry for 2 to 3 days, or until the moss and algae become brown. Rinse your roof using a hose.

Most of the time, cleaning asphalt shingles is simple. Otherwise, you should leave the cleaning task to professional roofers in Tampa. For general information on asphalt shingles, see


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