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Routine Maintenance of Rubber Track Pads for Heavy Machinery

by allannahkemble

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Similar to other routine maintenance jobs, maintaining sturdy rubber track pads for dozers, excavators, tractors, and crawler cranes necessitates sound judgment. These equipment will keep on being faithful provided they are properly cared for, and preserving their rubber tracks is a pivotal way of doing so. With regular inspection, cleaning, and a judicious operating habit, the rubber tracks of your crawlers will have the ability to do its job effectively.


The most critical matter when it comes to rubber track maintenance is ideal tension of the system. The advisable range of tension values are usually provided by the manufacturer. These tension values have been studied and reviewed to offer the perfect tension that gives the system the required balance between correct traction and minimal amount of wear of the undercarriage parts.

It is a fact that once the rubber track is over-tensioned, it, alongside the undercarriage parts, will experience premature damage. System failure or snapping may even happen in several cases. If the system is under-tensioned, this can result in possible de-tracking of the tracks, with probable damage to various other parts or to the whole machine itself.

Expect the tension of the rubber tracks to change in time. With use, it's possible for the tension to increase or decrease depending on the circumstance. Generally, tension must be checked up on virtually every 50 to 100 hours of machine use. Tension may be measured by setting dead weight on any of the flat areas of a rubber track and measuring the sag.


Always keeping the rubber tracks clean and debris-free will make it easier to find possible problems. This will also cut down wearing away brought about by particles lodged in the parts. To keep the rubber tracks clean and minimize dirt accumulation, the rubber tracks ought to be pressure-washed just after every shift.


If a rubber track pad is cracked, it's necessary to replace it straightaway. Damaged track pads sometimes cause under-tension in the system, which can result in the problems mentioned above. Quality replacement rubber tracks are available for purchase from heavy construction vendors everywhere. You could check for the availability and price of rubber pads on the websites of these dealers. Learn rubber track installation guidance from

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