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Easy Solutions for your fogged residential window glass

by BrianAtwood

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I can't tell you how many calls that I field from homeowners,realtors, and contractors searching

for an affordable solution for replacement of fogged, or broken residential window glass. Did

you know that is possible to replace the glass portion of your windows while keeping the

existing frame, or sash ? Many people do not know that this service exists, and are left feeling

overwhelmed with the prospect of having to have replacement windows installed. The majority

of Mt Pleasant glass can be replaced in a timely, affordable manor.


Fogged or cloudy windows - "My window glass is fogged, and has condensation in between

the panes. I have tried to clean it, and can't seem to get the stains off completely." This is

a common refrain from frustrated homeowners looking for a reasonable approach to window

repair. This phenomenon is caused by several factors, but is most often due to the seal

around the perimeter of the insulated glass being breached, and thus allowing air in between

the two panes of glass. Once this happens, condensation begins to form, and over time

corrosion of the glass which causes an unattractive white staining to occur. In some cases,

the staining is actually due to an improper application of the Low E coating which can cause

spotting on the inside of the exterior pane of glass.


Solutions - Lowcountry Glass and Shower Door LLC is happy to offer replacement of your

residential window glass if you are experiencing similar problems. We work within your busy

schedule to set up a free consultation and estimate to best address your Mt Pleasant glass

needs. Many times the issue of fogged window glass is not resolved until it is time to sell your

home. It is common for a home inspector to find window issues that you didn't even know

existed. Lowcountry Glass commonly works with realtors to easily take care of window issues

in a timely and economical fashion. We can usually replace the glass portion of your existing

window frame with little or no mess. We will identify the type of window glass, the thickness,

and match the existing grid pattern (if grids are in place).


When problems arise in your home, it is important to have trusted and reliable subcontractors

at your disposal to put your mind at ease. Lowcountry Glass & Shower Door LLC is a well

respected glass company in the greater Mt Pleasant area. Let us help you through the

sometimes confusing, and frustrating process of Mt Pleasant glass repair/replacement. Please

don't hesitate to call with questions, we are here to help.



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