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Know Something More About High Blood Pressure

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What is high blood pressure?


When the pressure of the blood stays higher for a longer period than this condition occurs. It is medically termed as hypertension.


The disease affects our kidney, heart and eyes causing heart stroke, kidney failure and even death. Hypertension does not cause any sickness as such and thus most of the people do not realize they are suffering from this disorder.


How does one find out if he has high BP?


Visit a doctor once a year to check up. The ideal BP numbers are 120/80. If your readings exceeds 140-90 then, you need to see a doctor as these high readings can harm your health.


What can be done for controlling high blood pressure?


Whether you have or do not have high BP, you must adopt a healthy lifestyle to maintain your health in perfect condition.


Six things one must do to control hypertension


Eat healthy foods: Try to eat more and more fruits, vegetables and grains like beans, pasta, corn tortillas, rice, etc.


Eat less salt and sodium: major quantity of sodium is present in packaged food products. To ensure lesser quantity, one must check the labels before buying. You can also use other seasonings in the food besides this.


Don’t smoke: if you want you and your family’s health at good stage, you must stop smoking at once.


Be active: being active is very important to keep yourself in good condition. Climb stairs, walk, dance, etc. Enjoy and spend time with your friends.


Lose your weight: watch on your weight. Control your weight if it is increasing as with increasing weight, your health deteriorates.


Limit alcohol: control your drinking habits. Do not take more than a single drink in a day.


What about medication?


Besides all the high blood pressure remedies, one has to take proper medication prescribed by the doctor. You must take only those medicines which are prescribed for you by your doctor. You must know which medicine to take at what time.


Once you are on medication, you must know how you are feeling. Inform your doctor if your medicines make you feel dizzy and nauseous.


Besides these high blood pressure natural remedies, there are various other ways to control it. For controlling high blood pressure, one must do meditation. Meditation is a wonderful activity which relieves all the tension and worries and keep your body healthy.


Every high BP patient must meditate daily twice to keep the inner body perfectly normal. Hypertension is such a body disorder which occurs due to your negligence towards your body and can be treated if you start caring for yourself.


So, be vigilant towards your health and stay happy and healthy always.

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