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Polarizing Dermatoscope Captures Images for EMR

by rickpetko9179

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The DE300 Polarizing Dermatoscope
is a powerful tool that gives a whole new face to the world of
telemedicine. This dermascope is equipped with twelve levels of
polarization and true 2.0 megapixel resolution. With variable
magnification of 150x digitally or 50x optically, the images that are
captured with this device are far more accurate than any observations
made with the human eye. This telemedicine dermascope is recognized as
a digital camera by programs like Skype, allowing the user to transmit
live images easily.

The highly detailed and extremely accurate
images captured by this tool will also help to cut down on the wait
time in busy clinics by streamlining the diagnostics process. Images
are captured quickly for patient files and magnified easily for fast
diagnostics and accurate treatment.

With a digital dermascope
like the DE300, patients can take control of their treatment in a whole
new way. Images are easily transferred via computer and stored for
electronic medical records. This dermatoscope is ideal for med spas,
medical schools, clinics, hospitals, and dermatologists. Skin
examination is easier than ever, both in person and across great
distances with this versatile tool.

Additional features of the DE300 Polarizing Dermascope include:


  • Real time observations at 30 FPS
  • A handy built-in snap shot button for quickly capturing images
  • Durable dual glass lenses with three-layer construction and 650nm cutoff
  • True 2.0 megapixel sensor resolution of 1600 x 1200
  • Native optical magnification of 10x – 200x
  • Digital optical magnification of 10x – 600x
  • YUY2 video format with a 30 FPS frame rate
  • Easily customized video and image properties including:
    • Adjustable hue and saturation in color settings;
    • Image adjustments for sharpness and gamma controls; and
    • Brightness and contrast adjustments
  • BMP and AVI video and image files
  • Eight ultra-bright LED lights with fully adjustable brightness settings
  • FireflyPro Software CD included with:
    • Rotate, flip, and resolution adjustments;
    • Measurements recorded in real time;
    • Zoom, freeze, and scalable window features;
    • Region of interest (ROI) designation; and
    • Manual or automatic white balance.
  • Measurements of 13cm x 3.6cm x 4cm for easily portability; included velvet case for protection on the go
  • Compatibility with Windows 7, Vista, and XP
  • One year limited hardware warranty

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