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IP Subnetting for Your Convenience

by seohost01

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It has been a bit difficult for a lot of people to understand the IP Subnetting, which is clouded by the less information or wrong information a layman possess about it. This is more so perhaps because the details about it are not generally required by the mass at large. This method of service is most needed by the webmasters or the web hosting providers and the LAN operators. IP Subnetting or IP Subnets may be explained, as a method to recognize a network within another network, without a need to array through all the IP addresses available.

To make the explanation easy for you, let’s imagine that you are present in a not so large office structure that has three floors. Every floor of this office building has a corresponding network. Now we break down each single floor network into two smaller networks. Calling it floor 1- Network A and B; on floor 2-Network C and D; while on floor 3-Network E and F. Here the Subnetting lets the data circulate with ease to the bona fide set of hosts, inside the network that helps in saving money as there will be no further equipment required for the same.

Imagine another scenario, a huge grid that has four blocks; with its own row and boxes in a numbered patter. Now you are asked to shade Y amount of boxes and Z amount of rows in every block. Considering for a moment that each row is a working network every box is the network host. In this manner, if any box is out of this sequence then it will clearly not belong to the network. Here the  IP Subnetting  comes handy in eliminating any need, to number every box in the block.

All set in such a manner, now if you happen to send any data to row one through the IP Subnet on to Y volume of boxes, then the Y volume of boxes will get the information, which has been sent. It will also tell on which block each of the network or row, and each of the host or the box, is residing upon. This particular procedure is used in the issue identification as well, which may also arise at some point of time. Rather than scanning a set of IP ranges, let’s consider that an issue arose on the third block of the fourth row. By checking the IP Subnets that the issue happened over, it leaves us with a sour note that the said complication happened on this specific network.

All of this brings us to the most important question of this particular subject, why do we need IP Subnetting at the first place? This methodology allows every subscriber on a private or LAN network to get connected, to the net without making additional IP addresses purchase for each PC. The other huge benefit of IP Subnetting is its proficiency in managing the networks and devices in a far better manner. An administrator may actually divide users into various groups that require access to certain specific resources. This actually helps a lot in the security and access. is one of the largest and most accredited providers of IP Subnetting. However, the IP address subnet mask has the potential to draw more visitors to your website. We are known for our world-class SEO hosting plans.

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