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Use Colored Concrete Coatings to Protect Your Floor

by acrylicon

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Everywhere you go people and communities are trying to save money through various means. This includes cutting down on bills they would have previously spent on landscaping their properties. You may have noticed that there are fewer houses with wide lawns and elaborate landscaping because of the high costs for upkeep. Property owners are instead choosing more practical options for the surroundings of their homes, offices, manufacturing units and other properties. These generally include various decorative concrete options like; concrete coatings, concrete paint, epoxy paints and floor paints. Things have changed a lot in recent years and today the popularity of these concrete coatings is increasing like never before as people choose them over the more costly options like onyx, marble or slate. By hiring a decorative contractor you can add a classy touch to any property. This will make your home or office more attractive and prospective buyers will notice immediately the eye-catching effects of the concrete resurfacing, coatings, or overlay.

Homeowners have started using various natural colored stones into the final finishes of resurfacing the concrete; this provides a smoothed edge to the solid concrete mixture. Those of you who have some idea about concrete texture will be aware of that this classy finish will produce a stunning effect upon the reflection of the sun. Offering an eye-catching exterior, this comprehensive finish does not break down over time and it offers an array of colors to choose from that can make any home, office or garage look modern and stylish.

Decorative concrete and concrete coatings are everywhere these days, largely due to the fact that they are user-friendly and available in a wide range of different colours and textures. They fit excellently in many places in a home such as; fireplaces, patios, balconies, kitchens, bathrooms, or garden paths. Commercial properties like big shopping malls, huge lobbies, hotels, hospitals, car parking areas and more are using them, not just for the aesthetics but for the practicality as they protect the concrete floors and are easy to maintain. With decorative concrete coatings you can create gorgeous diamond-finishes, boomed finishes or stained finishes and even decorative support for tiles, stone, metal or wood. Overall, coloured concrete coatings are both economical, due to their durability, and a more attractive than plain concrete.

With concrete coatings , color can be added to the concrete directly, or it can also be painted after the concrete has been set. They’ll transform your ugly concrete floors into stunning floors that you can be proud of, you won’t be able to wait to show them off! Before coating your concrete floors it’s best practice to talk to the experts who will give you the best advice on your options and advise you on the best option for you and your needs.

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