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Cloud Computing in India-Flexible, Safe, Precise, Reasonable

by lanostech

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The ever expanding and growing economy of India has seen a lot of things in the recent years. One prominent thing among them is the growth of the business websites that is being widely used by the net savvy people. Most of the business in India is being executed online now. The competency and simplicity of the sites, allow a majority of transaction to take place across the net. What is important here, is to know how a website stays online all the time, has a good loading speed, and it is extremely secure to do the monetary transaction on. This is all done through web hosting services. Cloud computing in India has given it a new dimension.


Till now everybody thought that the conventional servers would be the best device, to host their websites. The shared server hosting, virtual private server hosting and dedicated server hosting were the most sought after hosting servers by the webmasters. These hosting servers ranged from low-cost to high-cost premium servers. The advantages were different, some were superior and some were inferior but all the hosting solutions, worked in their own capacity; until something new didn’t come to stark out the difference. It was the cloud computing companies that introduced cloud hosting services to the IT market for the websites.


Most of the services that one receives from cloud hosting is almost the same, as of a dedicated server hosting would provide. The major difference is how it is all delivered, and that is what sets this whole hosting service apart; from the other. In cloud computing, it is a system of separate devices, being connected by one network with as many gateways as required for venturing in the cyberspace. This way, you may be utilizing the hard drive, of some other system while the RAM is installed somewhere else. The allocation of resources is not pre-determined. What is sure though, is that all the required hardware, software and applications are present within the network of cloud, to be utilized without any restriction by the user.


Cloud hosting gives resources to use for your web hosting, as and when it is required. So you basically end up using the resources depending upon, how much your site had the volume of incoming traffic. This resource usage could increase as well as stay low, at various points of time. Thus it is economically good for you since you only pay for the resources that are being utilized. You never pay additional charges if you need extra resources, unlike the other web hosting servers. The downtime never happens because your site is being hosted over a wide network of resource providing systems, so if one may go down; other systems would keep your site online.


Data backup and security updates are easier on the cloud hosting servers. The cloud computing providers give you all kinds of facilities and client assistance for your convenience. Root access lets the webmaster handle all the proceeding of the site with ease. To say, that cloud computing in India gives a remarkable service in every aspect is not false at all.


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