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Expanding IT Services in Portland, Oregon

by anonymous

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Portland, Oregon is economically-stable and a prime business hub. With its relatively low energy costs, position between the Interstates, various airports and docks, and access to major railroads, it’s hard to see why not. One of the city’s fastest-growing businesses is its high-technology industry boasting of more than 1,200 tech-related companies in the area.


Washington County, the western portion of Portland, has been dubbed the “Silicon Forest” due to the high presence of IT companies, most prominent of which is Intel with 15,000 people in their employ making them the largest employer in the city. One has to wonder if there’s still enough to be shared to the rest of the metropolis’ other business—that’s where Portland turns to IT support.


With many notable computer-related brands such as Hewlett-Packard, McAfee, Oracle, Yahoo! and Intel near the area, one would think they would offer their services to local businesses that have trouble with the companies’ products. But such corporations are a very busy lot, and may have other areas to focus on. Portland’s various IT services help bridge the gap between manufacturer and end user by maintaining an open line between the two, and providing solutions one can’t provide to the other.


Portland’s gross state product can be divided into 18% manufacturing and 82% services. Indeed, most of the previously mentioned businesses fall under the former, but it is common sense that 18% isn’t any bigger than 82%. That IT support largely falls under the latter suggests the city needs technical support.


While Portland’s Silicon Forest is chiefly located at the west part of town, the various IT support companies are spread across the city. There’s a notable concentration of them near the downtown district where there’s a conglomeration of businesses that require IT support. While they are offshoots of Silicon Forest, these IT support companies are nevertheless representative of the city’s booming computer industry.


It takes more than just low energy costs, airports, docks and railways to make a business successful. Good logistics and a trusty computer have to be added to the mix. Fortunately for Portland, there never seems to be a shortage of both; after all, the Forest always provides to man. For more on the flora and fauna of Portland tech, graze over to

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