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Facebook for the Pre-Teens

by wheresbigfoot

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while back, we talked a little bit about the most targeted demographic being
the 0-3 year olds because they are extremely impressionable.  Ever seen a
movie star do Disney movies?  They don’t go from action flicks to kid’s
movies because they have a soft spot for little tykes.  They do this
because kids grow up to become money carrying consumers.  Facebook
launching to pre-teens could set them up on social media for life.



Not that social media isn’t going to become a mainstay in
the very fabric of our lives.  Of course it is, or at least it seems that
way.  Remember when My Space was considered the social media for “high
schoolers” and Facebook was for the adults?  I do, and if Facebook can
capitalize on this impressionable younger audience, what they’ll prove to do is
establish themselves as the cool social media.  Because, as these young
ones get older, they don’t have to switch into something more trendy.
 Facebook is already cool for teenagers, adults, and grandparents alike.



Currently, if you’re under 13, you simply do what any kid
under 13 would do.  Lie about your age.  But now, Facebook is testing
out ways to allow our youth to get on the website without lying about their
age.  Thoughts have been proposed to make it under parental supervision,
with one idea being to connect the young one’s account to their parent’s
account.  The idea being that the parent can “police” the account as they
see fit.  This would keep it in line with U.S. Regulations regarding
children under 13 online.



Keep in mind, this is simply a “test” and it could be a
while before this becomes a reality, or the idea itself could fizzle out and
never make it to the stage.  Facebook has said that it has had ongoing
dialogue with stakeholders, regulators, and other policy-makers about how to
best help parents keep their kids safe online.  What’s really funny is
that Consumer Reports released some survey results that suggested that of the
20 million children who used Facebook in the past year, 7.5 million were
younger than 13.  That doesn’t surprise me.


if only Facebook can realize the potential (hint: vast) of breaking young ones
into social media at an early age, the sky really is the limit for the newly
public company.



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