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What are the Top Risks of Security in Cloud Computing?

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Cloud Computing companies in India have recently adapted themselves in a favorable manner for delivering hosting services. But some people are still not accepting the new technology of cloud. It is there in India for quite a long period of time. But the usage is very limited.

Basically, it deals with the data storage services and application development; it also provides a free email management and service on your demand. Along with flexibility of services it has brought the concept of pay per use method. This has captivated many SMBs to move towards its highly profitable services. However, today the only questionable factor is the security in cloud computing services.

Depending on the sensitivity of data, there are a number of security threats that need to be looked after, before shifting to any cloud computing companies in India .

Some top risks of security in cloud computing:

  • Protection of information is the first of various threats involved in the server, as there is a lot of risk in allowing someone to deal with your information, this has to be done in a formal way with proper contracts and protection read write.
  • Trailing government privileges over a hosting service, while choosing a Cluster cloud retailer result in a gap in safety thereby producing control of the owner.
  • The retailer Lock-in makes it complicated for clients to move from source to another and existing huge modifying cost and facilities.
  • Accessibility of information in terms of 99.9% up-time confident is sometime not met due to random circumstances such as breakdowns resulting in huge details decrease and organization process discontinuity.
  • Failure of solitude, multi-tenancy and allocated resources are significant features of security. This risk category defends the unable of body breaking storage space, storage, and even reputation between different tenants.
  • Week encoded to protect techniques used during details transactions can be deadly if online cyber criminals seated on other end holding out to find a way in to the software.
  • Certain companies in India do not allow customer appraisals, creating a risk in relocating to such an organization by not providing evidence of the appropriate submissions.
  • Net surfing flaws leads to serious risk to customer management relationships of public cloud services where the details are available through the internet.
  • Data back-up and loss of details is another objective that makes relocation of data a challenging choice.
  • Finally risk from humans, this is generally uncertain, can also be an objective of details circulation and secrecy threats.

These points can help you to note down that security in cloud computing is a major factor to consider while choosing a good hosting provider.


With the surprising growth of cloud computing companies in India, security of data has really become a prime concern for many enterprises looking to relocate their companies and their information and data to the server. These are few of the primary causes of security in computing services. Therefore, security generally signifies a set of guidelines developed to secure information, programs, and the related infrastructure of clients.

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