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The Best of the North-West

by kent

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In North-West London lies Wembley Stadium. This is one of the greatest entertainment venues in the country. Wembley Stadium is primarily a football and concert venue but also hosts many other entertainment shows. National and international football games are played at Wembley and superstars from across the world perform here. If you want to see an event at Wembley and want a gorgeous date to accompany you, an escort in North-West London can be that date! Here are three great things on at Wembley in 2012...


Michael McIntyre

Seeing a comedian on television and seeing one live can be two very different experiences. Some comedians people find annoying and just not funny on television. An example of this is Russell Brand; after he did his Scandalous tour the reviews from people who said they were dragged along by someone else were brilliant. Many men were saying they previously couldn’t bear watching him on television but after being dragged to the show by girlfriends and wives they had changed their minds because they were laughing uncontrollably throughout his stand-up. Michael McIntyre is another such comedian. He is incredibly funny to listen to and watch live and now you can see him doing this at Wembley in 2012. His facial expressions and astonishment at the world around him are unique and his laugh and smile contagious.


International Festival of Country Music

We all love a good country song. How can you not enjoy singing along to John Denver’s ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’ or Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’ ? At the International Festival of Country Music you can have wonderful time watching stars such as Reba McIntyre, Lonestar and Ricky Skaggs perform their country hits. Country music is so unique in that regardless of what surroundings you are listening to it in, it just transports you to a world of emotions, soul and togetherness. The beauty of country music is that whilst you may not be able to relate to sitting at a bar on a highway in Tennessee after the person you loved has left you, you can still relate to the pain in the lyrics, the sadness and the hope in the bottom of a bottle. Going to this show is something you should do with somebody and enjoy together. North-West London escorts are perfect for this. Listening and singing along to the country music with a beautiful girl on your arm, what more can you ask for?


Masters of Dirt

For those of you who love a good shock - you have to see Masters of Dirt. This is the ultimate FMX and bike stunt entertainment. Renowned FMX riders such as Edgar Torrenteras and Remi Bizouard are starring in the show, guaranteeing the best of best performances. Prepare yourself for jaw-dropping stunts, deaf-defying tricks and an intense adrenalin rush every time you wait for one of these dare-devils to land safely after spinning around in the air on a bike at an incredulous height! This may seem like a male orientated show but this is not the case. The girls who refuel the stunt vehicles are hot, extremely hot. Women in the audience are normally stunning too and enjoy the show just as much as the men. Taking along a North-London escort, you can fit right in with the rest of audience and watch this gorgeous girl open her mouth wide in shock at the stunts. Of course, she’ll be able to to do her own stunts for you later...!


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