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AAA AUGER 24 Hours Plumbing Vendors You Can Trust: KOHLER

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AAA AUGER 24 Hours Plumbing knows that when it comes to your kitchen and bathroom plumbing, quality is key. AAA AUGER 24 Hours Plumbing expects only the best from ourselves and our suppliers. Our vendors are the most trusted in the 24 hours plumbing industry and their products are built to last and look great, too!


One of AAA AUGER 24 Hours Plumbing's most trusted vendors is KOHLER. Living on the leading edge of design and technology, KOHLER's mission is to improve your sense of gracious living in every experience you have with a KOHLER product or service. According to KOHLER, gracious living is marked by qualities of charm, good taste and generosity of spirit. It is further characterized by self-fulfillment and the enhancement of nature.


Like AAA AUGER 24 Hours Plumbing, KOHLER sets a standard of excellence, yet drives for continuous improvement. AAA AUGER 24 Hours Plumbing requires its technicians to attend annual continuing education courses to ensure that we are always striving to improve our customers' safety and welfare.


KOHLER is one of America's oldest and largest privately held businesses. AAA AUGER 24 Hours Plumbing understands that KOHLER's long history is part of what makes the company trustworthy. KOHLER was founded in 1873 when John Michael Kohler, an Austrian immigrant, bought a majority interest in the Union Iron and Steel Foundry in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Ten years later, he entered the plumbing industry with a new product coated in enamel powder. He described it as a "Horse Trough/Hog Scalder--when furnished with four legs will serve as a bathtub." Now you know where your KOHLER bathtub got its start, as a hog scolder!


AAA AUGER 24 Hours Plumbing enjoys installing KOHLER's many products into your home, because we know we're giving you the highest quality plumbing element that will serve your family for many years to come. So, when your bathroom or kitchen needs updating, know that AAA AUGER 24 Hours Plumbing will give you the best customer service and the most trusted product brands in America. Give AAA AUGER 24 Hours Plumbing a call at (972) 222-2843. Just like we trust our suppliers, the plumbers you can trust are at AAA AUGER 24 Hours Plumbing. We're eagerly awaiting your phone call!


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