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Hire SEO Experts Who Know about Google’s Algorithm Changes

by manishyadav

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Well a lot of beans have already been spilled about what an SEO should do to improve the rankings and what his core competency should be? It’s time we delve deep into upcoming trends, predictions and the algorithm changes, that Google has brought about, in order to understand the role of an expert in changing times. Understanding the way the major search engine works decides the key skills of an SEO Expert.  So one can imagine how critical it can get when established algorithms are changed and Search Engine Optimization takes an entirely different face.  The key to coping up lies in understand the reasons and implications behind such as change.  This challenge mitigation calls for a right recruitment and accordingly, enterprises should make all the efforts to hire SEO experts with rich industry experience so that they are able to adapt their Search Engine Optimization strategy to changes as required. 
There are a whole lot of changes that has been declared by Google but an experienced professional will be able to excise his or her experience and judgment.  Hiring dedicated domain experts can become quite challenging in given business ecosystem. Whether big or small, Search Engine Optimization will remain an integral part of online marketing and therefore, the need to hire SEO expert will keep soaring.  Let us take a close look at the points that an online marketing /SEO expert has to put into careful consideration:
•Refresh Data for Sitelinks. Google cannot be ordered to show pages forcefully. What ideally can be done is to leverage best Search Engine Optimization practices to make critical pages more relevant in terms of content.  Rather than sending links mostly to the homepage, it is smarter to build links for other critical pages. 
•Index profile pages in a better way. Now that the social media and SEO are intertwined, it is more important to share relevant content through social media and make it shareable using Re-Tweet buttons, +1 buttons,and  Like buttons.  A social media pafe for a particular company should have keyword focused activities and posts. 
•Better use of anchor text.  Google has recently turned off a classifier related to an anchor text to improve the scoring paraphernalia. The key, in this case, would be to use appropriate link anchors that fit within the context of the page.  The SEOs need to keep building links ethically, and care should be taken to map link with the content of the page. 
•Detect old pages effectively. Google is all about content, so it is important to keep adding fresh content to the pages.  The SEOs have to ensure that the site architecture is such that it supports fresh content.  The best way to do so is to implement a blog wherein new content can be added on a regular basis. Updating old posts is a good practice that generates better user experience and improves page rankings as a result of the equity earned by the page over a period of time.
•Improve processes for detecting site quality.  It is important to understand that Google will continuously improve the algorithms and therefore, one has to establish a long term yet a flexible SEO strategy. This can only be done by hire SEO india who thoroughly understand the dynamics of the SEO domain and can come up with a feasible solution. 

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