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Nobody can complain about Chelsea escort girls!

by james446

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Chelsea is in West London and is one of the most expensive areas in London to live in. Bizarrely, Chelsea football fans and the residents of Chelsea are quite different. Chelsea football fans have a reputation for being ‘lager louts’ and causing scenes after matches, whether Chelsea F.C win or lose. Most people in Chelsea are relatively wealthy, sophisticated and reserved. That said, there are some quite outlandish, arrogant and sometimes obnoxious people as shown in the television series ‘Made in Chelsea.’ Chelsea escort girls are the perfect medium; sophisticated, fun and sexy beyond belief making them some of the best escorts in the whole of London.


King’s Road is a very well-known shopping street in the heart of Chelsea. Here you can often see celebrities wandering around with lot of bags full of items they’ve bought from upmarket stores on the road. There are many high fashion stores along the road such as Calvin Klein and Jigsaw making it an easy place to spend a vast amount of money on clothes, shoes and jewellery. One can’t help but think some shops take advantage of the wealthy customers they are sure to receive. Coffee shops in particular charge extortionate prices for a simple cup of coffee and a sandwich. Some people might find the area quite pretentious in a negative way whereas others adore the pretentiousness, loving it for being just that. Builders hate it! If you’re out working on the road and need to take a tea break, more often that not you’re stuck with a upmarket coffee shop where you’re charged four pounds for a cup of tea and can you order a bacon sandwich to take away? No. You’ll have to choose between obscure sandwiches like cured Moroccan ham with exotic fish paste or rainforest leaves drizzled with hand-squeezed French lemon juice. Again, some people love this kind of thing.


Chelsea is home to many bars of which not all of them are incredibly expensive. The pubs in the area are actually great to venture with escort girls in Chelsea. Not only are they not over-priced, they are great fun and not dingy like other pubs in the city can be. They are ideal venues to sit down and relax with someone and get to know them better. If you do feel like going somewhere a bit more classy with a Chelsea escort girl, there are plenty of upmarket restaurants and cocktail bars. Most of the prestigious hotels in Chelsea have their own restaurants so if you are staying at one of these hotels, it may be easier for you to just dine there. It makes the journey up to your room a lot quicker than it would be anywhere else which may end up being an important factor of your night!



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