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Avoid risks of ownership disputes by legal conveyancing proc

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Every person whether planning to buy or sell property would like to stay away from any legal hassles in the deal. Conveyancing can be a tough period where all kinds of legal formalities and complex paper work are carried out. If something is missed on the searches conducted by your legal solicitor it can cost you severe problems in the future. Therefore, it is very important for a person to hire a qualified and licensed conveyancer to conduct legal conveyancing process extremely well. Conveyancing searches are very important as they will reveal many facts of the property dimensions, which are usually not mentioned by the seller.

First step is the exchange of contracts between the buyer and the seller parties. During this stage, the solicitor is required to go through all the property documents and contract terms in detail. He needs to verify the legal ownership documents sent by the seller party. This is an important stage and if the conveyancer misses out on any minute details during the verification process of ownership title, the buyer might have to face ownership disputes in the future. And, in that case he might end up losing his valuable funds and time. He might also have to go through the legal hearings and complex paper verification process. To avoid all this, it is always wise to hire a qualified and authorized conveyancer to carry out the legal conveyancing of your property. There are many people who often opt for cheap conveyancing services and end up getting involved in critical matters like ownership disputes in the future. Other important searches include registration verification, chancel liability search, and water drainage search with local authority. After the exchange of contracts, usually the solicitors conduct surveys to find out if there is any land dispute or issues with the property.

Another important search is the owner’s land registration and tax clearance verification. This is important if you are dealing with any unregistered land. This is critical as it will reveal if any bankruptcy proceedings are registered against the owner of the land. It will also reveal hidden facts related to incumbrances over the land like restrictive covenants, mortgages, estate contracts and home rights. If this is not verified correctly, the new owner might be at the risk of facing the payments of these unwanted dues on the property. Hence, a proper legal conveyancing procedure can avoid many disputes and frauds in the transaction.

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