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Graphics can make the website performance better

by agarwalsscs

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<b>Need of internet and website</b><br>


Many people use different web sites to access news, weather and sports reports, and to book tickets, find out their other interests through internet. Students to big employers use it for many purposes. People can also make own website.<br><br>


<b>Website designing steps</b><br>


Web designing services can help in this. The intention of web design is to facilitate communication between the internet user and content. Designing for the web defines designing for the people who actually use the web in their way. But not how the designer of the website thinks they should.<br><br>


There are several issues related to usability, and procedures that require careful consideration when designing a web site. The most important of these are - clear and concise goals for a Web site, a correct and comprehensive set of user requirements, user’s expectations, and useful content.<br><br>


<b>Why use graphics in website</b><br>


Graphics - For this graphics, videos, and animations are used. It is true that the words cannot express all the things. But a picture or a graphic can do it easily. People can remember things more when they saw it with their eyes. And if in the website with picture one can apply sound then it will be good. But the main thing that kept in mind that this picture or the graphics or the animation should be calm and appropriate with the content of the website and also look upon its quality. These should not be loud or cheap.<br><br>


Animation - is the rapid presentation of a chain of images to create an illusion of motion. The most common method of animation is as a motion picture or video. There are other methods also that can create animation. Animation can be prepared with hand rendered art, computer generated images, or 3D objects, e.g. puppets animation. Using flash and action script it can be created. The position of each object in any particular image relates to the position of that object in the prior and next images so that the objects each show fluidity in the movement. These images displayed in rapid sequence, usually 24, 25 or 30 frames per second.<br><br>


<b>Graphics editing methods</b><br>


Graphics and animation can be created using many Graphics editing software like Photoshop, freehand, flash, Dreamweaver, etc. The graphics should be innovative also. Good animation can be created using Flash and action script. 3D and 2D animation makes the website better. Flash files are the best for web pages. Two flash files can be linked easily. Click event work with it also. With flash action script the animation could be better. The games that you can find on many social communicating sites are developed using Flash action script.<br><br>


<b>The service provider</b><br>


Before hiring your next web design firm it should be suggested that the company has expertise in animation field also. When you are looking for a web design company check this part also. From their website the information can be taken.<br><br>


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