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Frozen Pipes: Causes, Results and Avoidance

by darryliorio

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When winter arrives, there is a huge possibility that homeowners may be subjected to some troubles with their water system. For instance, Canadian winters, with their below-zero temperatures, may freeze pipes. Such freezing is bothersome given that it may destroy your pipes and disable your water supply. While the winter months can surely not be stopped, freezing pipes may surely be sidestepped with a reliable plumbing professional and a homeowner’s appropriate maintenance.

One general science fact to remember is that when water freezes, it expands, instead of contracting. Water freezing in a pipe might expand enough to burst the pipe, leading to leaking. Repeated freezing of your pipes could unavoidably lead to pipe failure. Homeowners who have endured this issue might have noticed that the pipe burst in the place where little if any ice has formed.

Frozen pipes mean critical problems for your plumbing , that is why places with frigid weather have their pipes put in within the building’s insulation or heated areas, or have exclusive insulation mounted on the pipe itself. Sometimes though, tremendously freezing conditions and holes in the building enable air to come in contact with the pipes which still triggers freezing and bursting.

Plumbing engineers propose a few strategies of preventing frozen pipes, the simplest of which is permitting the water to run. Turn on the water and enable moderate dripping to minimize the pressure that builds between the faucet and ice blockage. When there is much less pressure, pipes will not burst even if water in the pipe freezes.

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