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Interior Design for Homes has become part of a comprehensive outlook of how should one’s home look like. The author in this article has revealed Kitchen Trends for 2012 with various options available at Signature Kitchens - a leading modular kitchen brand in India.

Color palettes are moving away from dark and paneled to light to medium with regard to finishes and veneers,” she notes. Designers are seeing an interest again in oak cabinetry, as well as in lesser-used woods like walnut and birch. Eco-friendly bamboo is also gaining popularity as “green design” continues to become an industry standard.

Stainless steel continues to be a popular kitchen finish, but there is a renewed interest in polished chrome as well. Homeowners are also choosing to combine finished wood surfaces on cabinets with painted kitchen islands. Mixing finishes is a great way to slowly update a kitchen design without a full renovation as part of the interior design process.

Porcelain and ceramic tile are being replaced by glass and other even more unusual backsplash choices, such as stainless steel and even brick, as homeowners get bolder in expressing themselves in their kitchen designs.

Whites and off-whites continue to be the most popular color schemes for kitchens overall, but using shades of gray have increased dramatically over the last three years. Gray color schemes allow for a calm, neutral background where other pops of accent colors and finishes can shine. Another trend in design is using the color green as a neutral, using green has been on the rise as a kitchen color trend for the past two years. Kitchens are getting energized with playful citrus-hued appliances and accessories, an easy decorating trend to incorporate.

With wallpaper making a comeback in design, we’re sure to see them pop up in kitchens soon. While wallpaper as a kitchen backsplash or in high humidity areas isn’t recommended, wallpaper can introduce playful patterns or colors in adjoining eat-in areas or accent walls.

As far as appliances go, cook tops are still popular with separate double ovens installed into a wall. Energy efficient appliances are very high in demand. Microwaves that are mounted above the counter are back in style. Mounting your microwave above the counter frees up more much needed counter space which is one of the primary objectives of interior design. White and off white are out as far as appliance colors go. Wood paneling, stainless steel and black are the popular appliance style trends in 2012. Induction cook tops are growing in popularity along with the addition of indoor infrared grills with industrial exhaust hoods are also becoming more in demand.

Kitchen lighting is changing. Consumers are looking for more energy efficient lighting options. The trend for kitchen lighting is track lighting, pendant lighting and under counter LED lighting. Under counter LED lighting provides a more clean light that is energy efficient and unseen. Pendant lighting can be offset in different lengths to bring light at different levels. Track lighting is adjustable to put light right where you need it while you’re preparing a meal.

Other elements in a kitchen such as islands and counter tops aren’t seeing much as far as change in trend over the last 5 years either. Islands are still in but islands with storage are the main trend in home interior designs. Functional islands or extended islands are where consumers are putting their infrared grills and industrial hoods allowing additional space for food prep. Granite and artificial stone are still the ‘in’ trend for counter tops, but more subtle colors are being chosen. Counter tops are being seen with thicker cut pieces in 2012

Dharmender kumar is a professional content writer with over 5 years of experience now employed with designsndeal dot com. He has written many articles on home decorator.In this article he has drawn his attention on interior design.

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