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How Windows Can Prevent Your Delicate Furniture from Fading

by daniellebailey

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You should know that ultraviolet (UV) rays, notably those that make it to Earth (UVA and UVB), can be a person’s worst enemy. Fortunately, windows play a crucial role in blocking the UV rays, making houses cooler and their tenants safer. However, aside from posing health hazards, UV rays are also capable of damaging your delicate drapery and exotic furniture.

The ozone layer today isn’t the same as it was thirty to fifty years ago; thus, making UV rays more dreadful than ever before. Quality windows should be up to the task of blocking at least 99 percent of the incoming radiation from the sun. If your one-of-a-kind drapes or upholstery are constantly exposed to UV rays, it’s very likely that you’ll soon find its colors fading.

Researchers say UV radiation accounts for 40 percent of the damage to curtains and furniture, although visible light and other factors also play a part. Fading happens due to the interaction of UV rays and the coloring agents, initiating a chemical change over time. Your drapes may have a dark blue color now, but give it some time under UV exposure and they’re dark blue no more.

The truth is that you can’t exactly avoid getting hit by the rays since they come with the warmth and light of the sun. However, you can prevent those rays from hitting your precious drapes and furniture by choosing the right windows. In fact, even the most basic windows will block a substantial part of UV rays.

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) rates windows’ abilities in blocking harmful UV rays. Standard single-pane windows can block up to 25 percent UV radiation; insulating glass blocks up to 40 percent; and low-e coated glass blocks up to 74 percent. In some cases, laminated Westchester windows can block nearly all incoming UV radiation. This is why your choice of windows plays a pivotal part in preventing UV damage.

Don’t forget to check the NFRC label for further information about the window. As the authority in the industry, the NFRC requires windows Westchester contractors are selling to carry these labels. As a homeowner and consumer, you’d want the window that can give you the best value for your money and at the same time is capable of protecting you and your furniture from harmful UV radiation.

Do you want to know more about how you can prevent, or at least decrease, the effects of UV radiation? You can go to the NFRC website at for other resources. You may also choose to consult with your local Westchester window contractors.

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