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Benefits of Being a Stripper

by NadiaBosman

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For men and women who are not shy about shedding their clothes, possess near flawless looks, and maintain incredible bodies, stripping is a viable job option. Men and women have been making money as strippers for years, some as full time gigs, while others moonlight in the evenings or during weekends. College students are also able to make some extra cash by performing in clubs, at bachelor and bachelorette parties, or other functions.


Stripping can be a well-paying job. According to the website Payscale, strippers can make anywhere between $18,000 annually to nearly $125,000-a-year. Additionally, the majority of the money is cash-on-spot; therefore, there's not a need to wait until the end of the week to receive a paycheck. In many instances, strippers are able to set their own hours and, in most cases, are treated well by their employers.


Stripping is also a great way to stay in shape since dancing is great exercise. In fact, there are fitness classes that focus solely on pole dancing. During a typical night, a dancer will perform several different routines, burning a plethora of calories.


Exotic dancing not only allows men and women to show off their beautiful, sexy bodies, but they are also in a position of control since they are the ones desired. Men are able to show off their muscular abs, while females typically flaunt their breasts and shake their booties.


Finally, there's always a demand for exotic dancers. Clubs and stripping services are constantly searching for male and female dancers to perform at various types of functions. Nearly every state has a strip club or a service that offers exotic entertainment. One of the more popular and reputable companies to work for is Hunks & Babes, a leading stripping agency that services most major cities in the US. Young men and women who are serious about working in the industry, Hunks & Babes is currently hiring in most of their locations. They are also willing to answer any questions about stripping.


For men and women who are good-looking and physically fit, the exotic entertainment industry is a good place to make a little extra money. When searching for a club or agency, be sure to do as much research as possible to ensure they treat their employees properly.


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