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How Your Business Can Thrive During Recession

by NAcongress

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With the economic situation looking like it’s going to remain decidedly gloomy for the foreseeable future, many entrepreneurs would be forgiven for thinking that now is not the time to start a new business. However, there is much evidence to suggest that starting a business in tough economic times makes good sense, if you follow some simple rules. The fact is some of the biggest global companies started their life in tough times. Leading businesses like FedEx and Microsoft began in the midst of the 70s slump, Revlon and Disney started up in the middle of the Great Depression in the thirties. The lesson is that a viable business proposition will work regardless of the economic outlook, and if your business works during tough times, when times improve your business will soar!

Top tips for business success

There are many ways to improve your chances of business success in recessionary times. Entrepreneurs should look out for a variety of government-backed and privately financed business initiatives offering advice and financial support. Getting your financial affairs in order will save you time and money and prevent you falling foul of late tax payment penalties. New businesses should also look into the availability of cheap office space, which the government is offering by making use of empty state buildings. Another way to ensure your business success is ‘business mentoring’, where entrepreneurs learn the strategies of successful business owners. Using advice from people who have been there and done itcan prove invaluable and help entrepreneursavoidthe common mistakes, but who would most choose to be their business mentor given the choice? In a recent survey, when people were asked this question, two  names that came up were Donald Trump and Anthony Robbins.

The world's best business mentors

At this year’s National Achievers Congress at ExCel London from 5th-7th October these two world-class achievers, plus a whole host of experts and specialists from around the globe, will be sharing their extensive knowledge and expertise on succeeding in tough times. Business legend Donald Trump will outline his Golden Rules for the entrepreneur – his personal no-nonsense system for success while world-famous peak performance coach Anthony Robbins will be revealing his proven strategies for Success Conditioning and showing how people can access their peak potential for achievement. Entrepreneurs looking to take advantage of the world’s best business mentors and improve the chance of their business succeeding during this recession can register for the National Achievers Congress at

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