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Combination of Therapies Used To Treat Autism Today

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Medical professionals are working day and night to find the causes and cure of numerous neurological disorders. One of these disorders is Autism which is still waiting to join the list of curable diseases. Many studies show that this condition affects the speech and communication part of the brain. An autistic child, who shows poor social communicative and interactive skills, has weaker grasping power and problem solving skills. He shows disinterest in everything and many times can be very sensitive to touch, sound and smells. Causes are still unknown due to complex neurological system and its working pattern. Today, doctors are using combination of different medical treatments and different therapies to cure Autism effectively.


Different modes of treatments and therapies are used to treat an autistic child, depending on the symptoms exhibited. Autism symptoms can vary from child to child, so every child needs suitable set of therapies to undergo which will eventually help him learn and develop skills.


  • Medical treatment - Child is treated and given various medicines and vaccines to control symptoms. Medicines help and provide certain level of relief in some cases, but not always. Various tests and check ups are conducted to confirm the disorder and its level or type.
  • Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) – This therapy is most widely used since it’s giving positive results and helping in effective development of the autistic child. In short it encourages positive behaviors and discourages negative behavior in order to build up a child’s skill set. It uses positive reinforcement, self-help and social skills training to improve behavior and communication. It also focuses on verbal and speech skills, hearing and interactive skills more than other therapies.
  • Speech Therapy – This therapy helps non-verbal child to communicate and help highly verbal child in choosing right words, forming sentences and understanding their meaning. This therapy improves speaking ability and makes the child familiar with sounds and words in life.
  • Occupational Therapy – These hands-on therapeutic approaches teaches the child to be more independent and learn basic routine things in life. Occupational therapy teaches practical things like eating, bathing, dressing and writing.
  • Physical Therapy – It involves child in basic physical activities like playing with colors, recognizing fruits with the help of computer software and ultimately improves his attention and problem solving skills.


All the above therapies are working towards the development of the autistic children. Many therapies are being collectively used to lessen disruptive behavior and provide some degree of independence to them.


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